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Amazon and ComiXology are giving out a free comic a day for 20 days

So far, we at Cult of Mac have not been big fans of Amazon’s acquisition of ComiXology. Although we’ve previously praised them as the iTunes of comic books, the first thing the e-shopping giant did upon purchasing Comixology was stop…Read more ›

How ComiXology Became The iTunes Of Comic Books

Faster than a speeding bullet, ComiXology has scaled the ranks in the App Store in what seems like a single bound. As one of last year’s top-grossing iPad apps, the digital comics platform has sold an astonishing 6 billion comic book…Read more ›

Amazon Buys ComiXology

Oh man, I just can’t wait for this week to be over. First the entire Internet turns out to have been broken for the last two years. Then Dropbox hires Condoleezza “Cruella De Vil” Rice to help out with security.…Read more ›

Games Aside, ComiXology Was The Top-Grossing iPad App Of 2013

While games dominated the App Store in 2013 in terms of top grossing apps, digital comic app comiXology has announced that it was the highest grossing non-game iPad app  — for the third year running. “In a billion dollar marketplace…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Comixology CEO Admits Apple Had Nothing To Do With Saga Banning


A lot of hullabaloo has been made over the last 24 hours regarding the comic Saga #12. To catch up the uninformed, basically there’s a popular comic that has two “postage stamp” size scenes of gay sex in it, so it got banned from the App Store.

Everyone immediately blamed Apple and screamed “censorship” but it turns out Apple didn’t have anything to do with Saga #12′s banishment at all. It  [Read More…]

Comics Creators Can Now Distribute Their Own Work To Android And iOS Via ComiXology Submit

You say you want a revolution, well, you know.

You say you want a revolution, well, you know.

Leading mobile comics app developer, Comixology, has finally opened up the program they teased last fall: Comixology Submit, a new publishing idea that may help independent comics creators find their audience.

Basically, it allows comics creators the ability to submit their comics to the program and potentially be distributed on one of the biggest  [Read More…]