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Reindex Spotlight from the Command Line

Spotlight Spotlight is generally very good at keeping a valid index of a drives contents up to date, but if you�ve recently restored a drive or had to delete the Spotlight index for one reason or another, you may need to reindex the drive manually. This is easy from the Spotlight control panel, and can also be achieved through the command line as we�ll demonstrate.

Reindexing Spotlight from the Command Line

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Encrypt & Decrypt Files from the Command Line with OpenSSL

Encrypt and Decrypt files with OpenSSL

Need to quickly encrypt a file from the command line? With OpenSSL, you can encrypt and decrypt files very easily.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, we�ll use des3 encryption, which in simple terms means a complex encryption algorithm is applied three times to each data block, making it difficult to crack through brute force methods. While we�re focusing on Mac OS X here, these commands  [Read More…]

See Sizes in Human Readable Format from the Command Line

Human readable output

The default behavior for most command line tools is to show sizes in bytes, for tiny text files that is fine but when you start working with larger items this becomes difficult to read and interpret. The solutions is fairly simple, pass a �human readable� flag with the command, which will convert bytes to a much more meaningful human readable format of kilobytes (kb) , megabytes (mb) , and  [Read More…]

AppGears Elite Command AR Fills Your Home With Invading Alien Hordes! [CES 2012]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2012 � Remember the days before you had an iPhone and played games outside? Using sticks for swords and your hand as a gun? I bet you spent hours outdoors pretending you were some movie superhero trying to rescue Julia Roberts from a a plague of mutant zombie pandas. Then you got into video game consoles and iPhone games and your imagination just went in the toilet. Well,�AppGear  [Read More…]

Mount a DMG from the Command Line in Mac OS X

Mount a DMG from the Command Line in Mac OS X

A helpful command line tool called hdiutil is included in Mac OS X that allows disk image files (.dmg extension) to be mounted directly from the Terminal, without the need of using the GUI. Using hdiutil for such a task is helpful for scripting or remote connections through SSH.

Mounting a Disk Image File (DMG) from the Terminal

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Enable and Use the locate Command in the Mac OS X Terminal

locate command in Mac OS X

The locate command is very useful if you�re looking to track down every instance of a file, filetype, app, extension, things hidden deep in system folders, or just about anything else that Spotlight can�t manage. It�s extraordinarily useful for troubleshooting and even more mundane tasks like completely uninstalling Mac apps.

In order to use locate, you need to build the locate database, which also enables a  [Read More…]

iOS 5 To Feature Deep System-Wide Voice Command Integration Report

The latest line to come out of the Apple rumor-mill is iOS-related and iOS 5 to be specific. According to a report by TechCrunch the much vaunted Siri could be the secret ingredient in the next major mobile operating system release to come out of Cupertino.

Bought by Apple last year, Siri is an iOS app that allows users to perform tasks using simple, real English commands. An example would be asking the app what is playing at a particular  [Read More…]

Improved Voice Command Reportedly Coming with iOS 5

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On the heels of Apple’s confirmation that the future of its iOS will be on display at the WWDC, which commences this year on June 6th at San Francisco’s Moscone West, there is rampant speculation about what the refreshed operating system will serve up. On Tuesday, sources close to the development of iOS 5 say Apple is aiming to drastically improve upon voice commands.

Last year, through  [Read More…]