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“Dreams” is the Latest iPhone 5S TV Commercial [Video]

Apple has started to air a new iPhone 5S commercial titled “Dreams”, as part of the “You’re More Powerful Than You Think” ad campaign. The commercial follows a variety of vocations from scientists to artists using an iPhone with different apps, including Vaavud Wind Meter, Camera with an Olloclip, Response Deck SBC, ForeFligth Mobile, iTranslate … Read More

Chevy’s New Commercial Shows Siri Eyes Free Gone Wrong [Video]

It feels like it’s taken forever for Siri Eyes Free — the in-car Siri functionality first unveiled in 2012 — to actually start popping up in a meaningful number of cars, but the new ad for the Chevrolet Equinox highlights…

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Apple’s Iconic 1984 Commercial Turns 30 Today [Video]

For any longtime Apple fans, it’s amazing to think that today marks 30 years since the January 22, 1984 airing of the Nineteen Eighty Four-inspired Macintosh commercial, directed by Ridley Scott. Not only did the commercial usher in Apple’s most…

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New iPad Air Commercial Focuses on Creativity: “Your Verse Anthem” [Video]

iPad Air Your Verse Anthem commercial

Apple has started to run a new iPad Air TV commercial that focuses on the devices creative potential, titled “Your Verse Anthem”. A vast assortment of beautiful and provocative imagery from around the world is displayed while a voiceover from Robin Williams plays in the background, quoting from a scene in the 1989 movie the Dead Poet’s Society. You can watch the full ad embedded below:

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What Apple’s Sappy Christmas Commercial Would Look Like In Real Life [Video]

  Apple’s new tear-jerking Christmas commercial Misunderstood has quickly been lauded as one of the company’s best iPhone commercials in years. The syrupy-sweet ad pays homage to the holiday season with a medley of cliché family Christmas scenes while a…

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Apple Now Airing Annual Holiday TV Commercial: “Misunderstood”

Apple Holiday Commercial for 2013

Apple has started airing their annual holiday TV commercial for this season, now running on most popular TV networks, the video has also been embedded below for easy viewing. This years focus is on the iPhone and it’s ability to make and edit a movie on the go, which can then be shared with others using the wireless AirPlay service.

The advertisement, titled “Misunderstood”, follows a story theme,  [Read More…]

iPhone 5S Commercial “Metal Mastered” Now Airing

Apple iPhone 5S Commercial

Apple has started airing the first iPhone 5S commercial, titled “Metal Mastered”. The TV ad focuses on the 5S’s optional gold color, as well as the fingerprint based TouchID sensor. The commercial shows liquid gold pouring into the shape of the iPhone 5S casing, which is then unlocked with a finger to display the iOS 7 home screen. Overall the theme is similar to the liquid plastic iPhone  [Read More…]

iPhone 5C TV Commercial “Plastic Perfected” Starts Airing

iPhone 5C TV commercial and song

Apple has started to air commercials for the new iPhone 5C. The first TV advertisement is called “Plastic Perfected”, and features liquid plastic pouring into and transforming into various colored iPhone 5C models. The liquid plastic looks oddly refreshing, like some sort of sports drink, and the commercial includes appropriately themed lyrics to a song playing in the background, “pick up the phone then, ring ring,  [Read More…]

The Strangest Samsung Anti-Apple Commercial We’ve Seen Yet

Mmmmm, apples. Iceland is so cool. Or weird. Or both. The land that brought us Bjork and her oddly compelling musical artistry has a new commercial for the Samsung Galaxy S4 that–quite literally–takes a bite out of Apple. The short ad begins with a poor, sad, white guy in a nice warm vest sitting on a mountainside […]

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“Music Every Day” is Apple’s Newest iPhone Commercial

Music Every Day, iPhone 5 TV ad

Apple has started to run a new television ad for the iPhone 5, titled “Music Every Day.” The commercial follows people listening to music while performing various activities while using the classic white Apple earbuds. Though the commercial itself stays fairly quiet with soft piano music and a few occasional sound effects, it ends with a brief message:

“Every day, more people enjoy their music  [Read More…]