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New iPad TV Commercial: “All On iPad”

New iPad commercial "All On iPad"

Apple is airing a new iPad commercial titled “All On iPad”. As with previous iPad commercials, the advertisement focuses on what can be done with an iPad, and demonstrates a variety of actions and apps in use. The video is embedded below, and the text of the commercial is as follows:

Read it Tweet it Be surprised Be productive Make a sale Make some lunch Make  [Read More…]

Apple Releases New Commercial Showcasing Retina Display iPad Features

Apple recently released a new commercial for the iPad which highlights the functionality that the device has. The ad, which is posted on Apple’s official YouTube channel depicts a user performing both entertainment and productivity-related tasks on the device. The narrator points out that users can “send a note, stay informed, catch a show, make your point, make a memory, make a masterpiece, read something, watch something and learn something.” It was pointed out that  [Read More…]

New iPad “Do It All” Commercial

iPad 3 "Do It All" commercial Apple has begun to air a new iPad commercial, focusing on a variety of tasks being accomplished through various apps on the 3rd generation iPad. The narration says: “Send a note. Stay informed. Catch a show. Make your point. Make a memory. Make a… masterpiece. Read something. Watch something. And learn something. Do it all more beautifully, with the retina display, on iPad.” This is  [Read More…]

Sick Of Marimba? This Remix Is So Good It Could Be Used In An Apple Commercial

The iPhone Marimba ringtone is iconic. It’s just a few notes played on an African xylophone, but somehow, it captures everything that is light and breezy about Apple’s platform. The problem is, everyone uses it as a ringtone. Like Nokia’s overexposed ringtone before it, Marimba’s musical resonance has been oversaturated for most of us. That’s why I really like the Marimba Take Two mix by Will Neaverson, embedded above. It takes the original Marimba and builds layers upon it, until  [Read More…]

That Great Marimba Remix Is Now Starring In Its Own iPhone Commercial [Video]

Remember that incredible remix of the Marimba iPhone remix from earlier today? When I originally posted it, I suggested it’d make an incredible music track for an official Apple ad. Little did I think that Cult of Mac reader Ryan Simmons would actually edit one together for us, using footage from previous Apple iPhone ads. Fantastic. Ditch John Malkovich, Apple… go with Marimba.

New iPad TV Commercial: “This Good”

Alongside the new iPad, Apple has started to air a new TV commercial for the device. The ad focuses on the iPads new Retina display, which by all accounts is simply gorgeous in person. Text of the commercial is as follows: “When a screen becomes this good, colors are more vibrant, words are pin sharp, everything is more brilliant. Because when a screen becomes this good, it’s simply you and the things you care about. The stunning retina display, on  [Read More…]

New iPhone 4S & iCloud Commercial: “Harmony”

Apple started airing a new iPhone 4S commercial on Sunday night that emphasizes iCloud. The ad shows iCloud automatically syncing calendars, photos, apps, contacts, music, and books, between an iPhone 4S and a variety of other Apple devices, including an iPad, iMac, and MacBook Air. The commercial ends with the text “Automatic. Everywhere. iCloud.” and the iPhone 4S monicker. It’d be easy to mistake the TV ad for an Apple product other than the iPhone 4S, and that very well  [Read More…]

Taiwanese TV Commercial Shows ‘Steve Jobs’ with Halo and Wings

A TV commercial in Taiwan shows an actor dressed like Steve Jobs, but with wings and a halo, onstage introducing a new product. It’s not an Apple product, but a competitor to the iPad called the “Action Pad” from Action Electronics. In the ad, the translation says: Introducing the next generation of the pad.” The commercial closes with the line: ”Thank God, I can finally play another pad.”   A spokeswoman for  [Read More…]

The Samsung Galaxy Tab Commercial You Didn’t See [Humor]

We all love our tech, and manufacturers spend millions of dollars making sure we get excited about it through commercial spots. Unfortunately, they don’t always hire the best voice-overs to dub these commercials, and we’re about to see what happens when Samsung goes out on a limb to hire a sailor for their latest Samsung’s “It’s Time To Tab” commerical. Be warned, this is not safe for work, or anywhere else  [Read More…]

Siri + Magic + Hot Wild Girls + Doritos = This Year’s Funniest Super Bowl Commercial [Humor / Video]

As part of its annual promotion to get more Americans to cram nacho cheese-flavored asbestos triangles down their gob during halftime, Doritos throws a Crash The Super Bowl contest where they invite fans to make their own commercials. Win the contest and your winning ad gets aired during the Super Bowl. I don’t usually pay attention to stuff like this, but this entry for the contest is just wonderful. It portrays Siri (or a Siri-like) as a magical genie in  [Read More…]