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Santa Uses an iPhone 4S and Siri in the Latest Apple Commercial [Video]

Santa using the iPhone 4S

Apple has started to air a new Christmas themed TV ad for the iPhone 4S and Siri featuring none other than Santa Claus. The commercial is the most entertaining iPhone 4S ad yet and features Santa asking Siri for directions, what kind of weather to expect at various locations around the country, requesting an email from Mrs Claus, and finally asking about his schedule, which Siri responds  [Read More…]

Background Music from the iPhone 4S Commercial

Apple has been airing several iPhone 4S commercials, a few focus on Siri, while others center on iCloud or the new camera. Each ad shares the same background music, and what�s the tunes name? The song is Orchestral � �Goldengrove v2? by Keith Kenniff, an American composer.

The song is instrumental, contrasting the poppy sound of the song played in the new iPod touch ad or The Beatles classic heard in the recent �Cover� commercial.

Somewhat strangely, Orchestral �  [Read More…]

Apples New The Beatles on iTunes Commercial

Apple has started to air a new iTunes TV ad featuring The Beatles. The commercial is called �Covers� and transitions through The Beatles catalog that is available on iTunes, with the classic Beatles song �Magical Mystery Tour� playing in the background of the commercial.

This feels very much like an Apple ad, although it�s obviously targeting a slightly different demographic than the new �Share the Fun� iPod touch commercial does.

The ads release coincides with the iBookstore version of  [Read More…]

New iPod Touch Commercial: Share The Fun

Apple has started to air a new iPod Touch commercial titled �Share The Fun�, the commercial features both the 4th gen white and black iPod touches being used to play games on Game Cnter, take pictures, tweet, use FaceTime, and a variety of other fun activities.

This one is much more similar to the fun and upbeat iPod and iPod touch commercials from the past with a playful feel to it, compared to the more serious iPad 2 commercials  [Read More…]

The New iPod Touch Commercial Song from Share the Fun

New iPod touch commercial song and artist: GROUPLOVE

Apple started airing a new iPod Touch commercial titled �Share the Fun�, and in the process is about to launch a new song into popularity. Many of their recent commercials have featured minor instrumental soundtracks, but now they�re right back in their old habits of picking a catchy song for a TV ad and skyrockting the artist and their music into pop culture.

  [Read More…]

New iPad 2 TV Commercial: Love

iPad 2 Kid Fort

Apple started airing a new iPad 2 commercial titled �Love� last night, it follows the same theme set by past iPad 2 ads closely, and shows a variety of people using the device in different ways. Here�s the text:

For some, it�s a lifelong passion. For others, it�s something discovered yesterday. We all have things that speak to us. They drive us to get up early, and stay  [Read More…]

Apple Raises Curtain on First iPad 2 Commercial

Apple has debuted the first commercial for its second generation tablet… you know, just in case there are one or two people left on the planet who haven’t heard about it. Less than one month old, the previously commercial-less iPad 2 has already taken the global tablet community by storm, with near sell-outs reported in almost every country in which the product has been made available.

In the new TV commercial, Apple doesn’t roll out the red carpet for a  [Read More…]