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Apple Pay actually makes it really easy to commit credit card fraud

When Tim Cook unveiled Apple Pay last year, the company hailed it as a¬†simple contactless payment solution that also brings extra security to credit cards. Except according to one report, Apple Pay is actually making it easier for scammers to…Read more ›

Your iPhone 6 could commit suicide if you ignore it

The iPhone 6′s sleek design is undeniably sexy, but the big glass display and those sexy curved edges can cause problems if you leave your phone sitting on a smooth surface. If you’re not careful, you could find your iPhone…Read more ›

Audi, Dodge, and 7 more auto makers commit to CarPlay

Following Google’s announcement of Android Auto, Apple has added nine more car makers that will support CarPlay in future models of their¬†vehicles. Abarth, Alfa Romeo, Audi, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Mazda, and Ram have all been added to the list…Read more ›

Link the Slug Invites You To Commit Cute, Puzzle-Based Genocide [Review]

Video games are all about solving problems and helping people. Sometimes, the problem is “too many monsters” and the people are the ones who made all those monsters in the first place. Link the Slug by OX Play Category: iOS Games Works With: iPhone, iPad Price: $0.99 So it is with Link the Slug, a […]

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Panasonicís New Rugged SD Cards Will Commit Suicide To Save Your Photos


Go on without me… Save yourself… I’m just holding you back…

Panasonic’s new ruggedized SD cards are neat and all, protecting your precious photos from water, weather, impacts and even super-strong magnets (like the one used by Wil E. Coyote to try to catch the Road Runner) and X-rays. But, like Steve Rogers throwing himself upon a grenade in the Captain America movie, it will also sacrifice itself in order to save your  [Read More…]