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Fix the iPhone’s most common problems in 60 seconds

Our iPhones are trusty sidekicks helping us save the day with every task we perform with them, but sometimes they meet their weaknesses. While our devices can’t be perfect all the time, periodically home buttons become unresponsive and other common errors… Read more ›

Safari icon for Mac Web browsers generally work fine on the Mac, but every once in a while Safari in OS X will misbehave in some way or another. The most common of these issues encountered are typically things like random pages inexplicably being inaccessible or displaying oddly, stale cache being delivered (in normal person terms, that means an old version of a web page loads rather than the newest version), persistent  [Read More…]

Mac Mail app icon The Mail app bundled with Mac OS X is an excellent email client, but if you have a giant mailbox that has been in use for a long time you may encounter some peculiar problems with sluggishness, message content issues, and searching irregularities. Usually these issues are of distinct types; search errors where some messages don’t come up in results when you know they should, unusually slow behavior  [Read More…]


The International Data Corporation (IDC), an firm that analyzes tech trends around the globe, released its quarterly Worldwide Tablet Market Study today, showing that tablet sales show no signs of slowing down any time soon.

The study shows that tablet shipments have increased 142 percent year over year for Q1 2013. Tablet shipments totaled 49.w million units in this first quarter, surging past the entire first two quarters of 2012 combined.

All  [Read More…]

Google+ continues to evolve into one of the greatest social network/community platforms available (the best in my opinion). Many skeptics claimed it would become another failed Google project, constantly referring to it as a ghost town. If you’ve ever used Google+, then you already know what a crock those claims are, and in fact, Google+ is growing faster than ever.

According to Google: more than 500 million people have upgraded, 235 million  [Read More…]

More than half of iPad owners prefer to read news and books on their device rather than on paper.

There’s no question that the iPad is incredibly popular and revolutionary. As the device continues to become part of our daily lives, we’re beginning to see the iPad take hold in schools, workplaces, and our homes. What’s the most common task performed on an iPad(or other tablet)? According to research firm Gartner,  [Read More…]

CmdTab is a new free jailbreak tweak by iOS developer coffeejay, which is an attempt at bringing a Mac OS X-like quick switcher to iOS. You can see screenshots of the tweak in action above. If you own a Mac, then you know tapping Command+Tab opens up a menu like the one below: The current version of CmdTab has a total of seven different buttons. The first six of them yields an  [Read More…]

Startup Hopes to Make Apple vs. Android Games Common

Imagine playing from your iPhone against anyone with an Android phone. That epic battle between Mac and PC types will be a more common option if an Austin startup is successful. Digital Harmony Games says it will be the first time to allow different smartphone (or tablet) platforms to play a lot of games together in real time. Though there are currently a few games that allow platform-crossed players to  [Read More…]