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Case Company Is Making 50,000 Cases For Mystery Apple Device

Case company Hard Candy is busy manufacturing 50,000 cases for a mystery Apple device. The device probably looks like the mockup above. It might be the iPhone 5 or a new, bigger iPod touch. It has a 4.44-inch diagonal screen, which is much larger than most observers are expecting for a new iPhone. Whatever it is, Hard Candy expects Apple CEO Tim Cook to unveil the device at today’s press event. And the  [Read More…]

Third Apple Co-Founder Sold 10% Share of Company 12 Days After Forming

Ron Wayne, the third co-founder of Apple, sold his 10% stake in the company 12 days after it was officially formed in 1976 for $800, plus $1,500 later in exchange for forfeiting any claims against Apple. That same 10% share would be worth $35 billion today, or roughly 15.2 million times what Wayne sold it for in 1976. Wayne and Jobs knew each other from their days at Atari, and Wayne happened to be in  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs: Building The World’s Greatest Company, One Product At A Time [Gallery]

Things at Apple are going to be a little different without Steve Jobs at the helm. I have no doubt that Tim Cook will step up to do a fantastic job, but there are many reasons why we’ll never forget Steve’s time at Apple. Here we take a look at some of Apple’s greatest achievements while Steve was at the company, and the products that have made it the world’s largest  [Read More…]

Apple Briefly Surpasses Exxon to Become Most Valued Public Company

Following the news that Apple has more cash on hand than the US government, it’s just been announced that Apple has surpassed ExxonMobil to become the world’s most valuable publicly traded company. Apple’s reign didn’t last that long, as Business Insider is reporting that Exxon is now back on top. Apple reached $ 341.55 billion in valuation today, but Exxon quickly caught back up. Both companies’ stock is fluctuating, and it’s worth noting that the stock market  [Read More…]

2,300+ iPads Are Increasing Productivity At Business Software Company MicroStrategy

Time is money. If so, the iPad is capable of saving enterprises big cash due to its ability to free employees from the desk. One company integrating the iPad into its work environment is Business Intelligence software maker MicroStrategy. The company now uses 2,300 iPads at its $ 454 million software firm. Soon after MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor saw his first iPad in April 2010, the company gave its entire sales  [Read More…]

Apple Is The 5th Most Innovative Company In The World

Forbes has posted the list of the most innovative companies in the world. Apple ranked 5th , Google is the 7th and Guess where Microsoft has landed. Check it out after the Jump. forbes How is it calculated? We first project a company’s income (cash flows, in this case) from existing businesses, plus anticipated growth  [Read More…]

Needham & Company Projects Apple Stock at $540

It’s “Black Friday” on Wall Street today. Following what can only be called “Black Thursday” yesterday – a trading session that saw the Dow off by more than 500 points – equities are once again cascading downward on lingering economic uncertainties and global financial unrest. Since July 21, the Dow has closed lower in 9 of the last 10 trading days (looks like it will be 10 out of 11 after today). Amidst the carnage,  [Read More…]

Rogue Company Behind MacDefender Malware Busted In Russia

Remember MacDefender? It was the first really big piece of malware to hit the Mac operating system, and was a huge problem for Apple’s tech support teams… such a huge problem, in fact, that Apple introduced a self-updating anti-malware database into OS X, which basically killed MacDefender and its variants off. MacDefender worked by tricking users into believing that they’d been infected by malware (which they in fact had —  [Read More…]

Apple Is Within Spitting Distance Of Being World’s Most Valuable Company

Thanks to the massive stock selloff today, Apple is within $ 16 billion of displacing Exxon Mobil as the the world’s most valuable company. At market close, Exxon Mobil’s stock fell $ 3.88 (4.9 percent) giving it a market cap of $ 366 billion. Apple’s stock fell too, but only $ 15.20 (3.87 percent) for a market cap of $ 350 billion. That puts Apple within $ 16 billion of Exxon. Two weeks ago, the  [Read More…]