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How to Use diff to Compare Two Files at Mac Command Line

Need to quickly compare two files for differences? The command line ‘diff’ tool offers a great choice for users comfortable with the Terminal. Diff allows you to easily compare two files, with the command output reporting back any differences between the inputted files. The diff command is available by default on the Mac, and it … Read More

How to Find & Compare File Differences Side-By-Side with BBEdit for Mac

Need to compare two files side-by-side for differences? BBEdit for Mac makes finding and identifying file differences extremely easy with any compatible text format. This is a great solution for developers, programmers, writers, or anyone else who works with code, scripts, or plain text documents frequently and wants an easy way to check for differences … Read More

How Microsoft’s ambitious new Lumia 950 phones compare to rivals

Microsoft’s new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL have arrived, with high-end specifications, iris recognition technology, and the latest Windows 10 software. But do they have what it takes to persuade you to give up Android or iOS? Find out in our in-depth comparison below. We’ve put the Lumia 950 and 950 XL up against rival devices […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Compare Actual Apple Watch Sizes with an iPhone

Now that we know Apple Watch will take pre-orders at the beginning of next month for a later release date in April, interested users may want to have a better idea of just how big or small given Apple Watch models are. Rounding the numbers, 42MM is 1.65 inches, and 38MM is 1.5 inches. For … Read More

How the iPhone 6 might compare to its predecessors

While mockups of Apple’s eagerly awaited iPhone 6 have been popping up for a while now, it’s still pretty amazing to see just how far we’ve come since the first generation iPhone made it to our sweaty palms back in…Read more ›

Compare Contents of Two Directories from the Command Line

Compare directory contents from command line

To compare and list the different contents of two directories without the extra output you get through commands like diff, you can use the comm command instead. To get started, launch Terminal and type the following command, adjusting the directory paths as appropriate:

comm -3 <(ls -1 folder1) <(ls -1 folder2)

The output listed will be the files that are different in each folder, with  [Read More…]

Easily Compare Multiple Mac Apps With Your Tabbed Web Browser [OS X Tips]

Let’s face it: the Mac App Store, and the iTunes App Store that it’s modeled on, just isn’t made for comparing apps. Let’s say you want to find the best note taking app for your Mac. You can launch the Mac App Store, search for note taking apps, and see one at a time. If you want to look at more than one, you end up clicking the back button endlessly.  [Read More…]

Test & Compare Mobile Broadband Speeds on iPhone & Android with SpeedTest

Test iPhone Mobile Broadband Speed

Ever wondered just how fast a 3G, 4G LTE, or Edge network is on your iPhone or Android? Using a free app called Speed Test you can easily test and compare the mobile broadband speed of your smartphone (or cell equipped iPad) with others, whether they’re on AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile, or any other network.

If you’ve been thinking about switching carriers when the new iPhone arrives,  [Read More…]

How iPad 3?s Retina Display Resolution Would Compare to Other Screens

iPad 3 vs other resolutions Assuming iPad 3 (or whatever the next iPad is called) gets the much rumored and highly anticipated retina treatment, the screens resolution would come in at a whopping 20481536 pixels. Thats an enormous amount of pixels for a screen that isnt even 10?, and to help convey just how large that is comes an image from clkoerner that compares the rumored iPad  [Read More…]

Compare Time Machine Backups and List All Changes Between Backups

Time Machine Mac OS X 10.7 Lion includes a great tool called tmutil that lets you interact with with Time Machine from the command line. Its a powerful utility that has a ton of options and weve used it before to disable local snapshots, but for the purposes here we are going to use it to compare Time Machine backups. Launch the Terminal from /Applications/Utitilities/ and lets get started. Compare Latest  [Read More…]