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How the 6s camera compares to every iPhone ever made

The iPhone 6s has the best camera Apple’s ever made, but have you ever wondered how much better the new camera is than the original iPhone that launched back in 2007? Lisa Bettany has put the iPhone 6s camera through its paces in a new comparison test that pits the new device against the previous […]

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Here’s how iOS 8.0.2 compares to iOS 7 on an iPhone 4s

Apple is still supporting the iPhone 4s when it comes to new software, despite the fact that it is now outdated by several generations. But while iOS 8 is technically usable by iPhone 4s owners, just how fast can it run…Read more ›

How iPhone 6 camera compares to all other iPhones

Apple has made big improvements to the iPhone camera with each successive release, and while the iPhone 6 didn’t get a huge new sensor, the redesigned 8MP sensor is better than any camera Apple’s ever made. To see just how…Read more ›

New leak compares 5.5-inch iPhone 6 to 4.7-inch shell

A shell for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 has reportedly leaked right out of the Asian supply chain, and it has been compared with one of the 4.7-inch iPhone parts that have been making the rounds. The larger 5.5-inch shell looks very similar to its…Read more ›

Obama Compares Healthcare.gov Rollout Problems To iOS 7 Glitches

did-obama-s-ipad-just-get-hacked--e4e6ffd219This afternoon President Obama addressed the nation to talk about the recent government shutdown, as well as to promote the rollout of the new U.S. healthcare coverage website that just launched today. During his remarks President Obama addressed criticisms that HealthCare.gov is full of bugs and loads too slowly. Obama deflected most of the blame […]

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Hands-On Video Compares Gold iPhone 5S With Blue iPhone 5C

Gold 5S and 5CNext-gen iPhone parts have been leaking like crazy this summer. There’s a new component or shell leak nearly every day now. Two new iPhone models, the 5C and 5S, are expected to come out this fall, and a new hands-on video compares the devices side by side. AppAdvice is claiming its video shows “what may […]

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Here’s How The Galaxy S4 Compares In Size To The iPhone 5


Martin Hajek — a designer who specializes these days in mocking up rumored Apple products with a greater or lesser degree of accuracy — has turned his talents to a new arena: mocking up how the newly announced Samsung Galaxy S4 measures up, size-wize, to the iPhone 5.

In short, the Galaxy S4 is bigger, thicker and heavier than the iPhone 5, but not by much.

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Here’s How The iPhone 5 Compares To The Samsung Galaxy S 4 [Video]


If you didn’t hear the news already, Samsung announced their new flagship phone last night, the Galaxy S 4. It looks a lot like the Galaxy S 3. It’s made of plastic. Has a huge screen. And it comes with some weird software features you might use, but probably won’t.

We were on hand last night to test out the Galaxy S 4, and while it’s an impressive phone, it leaves  [Read More…]

How The iPhone 5 Compares To RIM’s Upcoming BlackBerry Z10 [Video]


You may have noticed that people are making a lot fuss about Research in Motion’s upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices. And so they should. BlackBerry fans have been waiting for these handsets for several years, and they have high hopes for them. Furthermore, the devices are likely to determine whether or not RIM can save itself amid increasing competition from the iPhone and Android-powered devices.

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This Hilarious Samsung Slide Compares Apples Request For Damages To The Mars Rover

We get it, Samsung. It’s a lot of money.

Check out the image above, and then marvel that Samsung put this together for the court case it lost to Apple a couple weeks back in US District Court. Judge Lucy Koh understandably excluded the slide from Samsung’s final argument documents – these comparisons have nothing to do with the actual merits of the case, but rather show that Apple was asking for  [Read More…]