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List of Macs & iPads with Sidecar Compatibility

Wondering which Mac and iPad models support Sidecar? If you’re curious as to whether or not a Mac and iPad is compatible with Sidecar, you’ll find the list of supported devices below to be helpful. Not all Mac and iPad models support the feature, but most new models do. Sidecar is the helpful new feature … Read More

The iOS 10 Compatibility List

iOS 10 will be released in the fall as a free download for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, assuming your device is compatible with the new iOS release, anyway. If you have been wondering what devices are supported by iOS 10 and will get all the fancy new Messaging features and redesigned lock screen, wonder … Read More

The MacOS Sierra Compatibility List

The next version of Mac system software is called macOS Sierra, it’s versioned as Mac OS X 10.12, and it will be available as a free download for all compatible Macs in the fall. Of course this begs the question, which Macs are compatible with macOS Sierra? What Mac hardware can run the new operating … Read More

iOS 9 Compatibility & Supported Devices List

Apple is aiming to further improve and refine the iPhone and iPad experience with the release of iOS 9, and with many new features and enhancements, it’s sure to be a worthwhile system update for most users. Anytime a new version of system software is released though, users inevitably wonder if their devices will be … Read More

Who says Apple doesn’t care about backwards compatibility?

Apple has a reputation for not being afraid to move on. Buy a new iPhone, and you’re lucky if iOS supports your device just four years down the line. Buy a Mac? Apple’s constantly making older models obsolete with every…Read more ›

Doxie Scanner Software For Mac Adds ‘Send to OneNote’ Compatibility

OneNote is one of the few Microsoft apps that Mac users seem to have actually been pining for. Like aging pro wrestlers, Excel, Powerpoint and Word have become bloated, slow and boorish over the years, and have been forgotten for…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Mummy For iPad Is A Super Silicone Case With Smart Cover Compatibility [Review]

I have a bit of a soft spot for Loop Attachment’s Mummy cases; I’ve reviewed them for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, and the iPad mini — and I’ve loved them all. But the collection wasn’t complete without the…Read more ›

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Apple Seeds iPhoto 9.4.7 For OS X Mavericks GM Compatibility

iPhoto Update Mavericks GMAs we reported last night, the OS X Mavericks GM (Gold Master) seed is now available for developers to test the final version of the operating system before it is ready for general distribution later this month. Opening Software Update today, however, shows us an update for iPhoto 9.4.7 that “addresses an issue that could […]

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Apple Updates iLife Apps For iOS With Compatibility Fixes

20120919_iosilifeupdates  Apple has pushed out updates for its three iLife for iOS apps today that includes a number of compatibility fixes. iPhoto, iMovie, and GarageBand for iOS were all updated with compatibility fixes, while GarageBand also received some minor bug fixes for performance and stability. With the official iOS 7 launch just weeks away, we […]

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The Ultimate iOS 7 Compatibility Chart


With every new version of iOS, Apple generally leaves some legacy devices behind, but with iOS 7, Apple’s only leaving the iPhone 3GS totally abandoned. That’s not to say that every iOS device is equal in the eyes of iOS 7, though: if you’ve got an older device, you’re going to find some of iOS’s features missing.

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