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Apple won’t have to compensate retail employees for waiting in line

Apple won’t have to stump up the cash for back-paying thousands of current and former employees at Apple Stores across California, according to the ruling of a federal judge. The lawsuit was brought against Apple in 2013 by two former retail employees — claiming that Apple’s policy of mandatory bag searches after work had cost them dozens […]

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Apple could compensate car battery maker for stealing its workers

Apple has asked a Massachusetts federal judge for more time in its lawsuit with A123 Systems, suggesting that the Cupertino company wants to settle with the electric car battery maker. Apple was first slapped with the lawsuit last month, after it reportedly began…Read more ›

The Gold iPhone 5s Is Such A Success, Apple’s Making More To Compensate

goldiphone5sThe gold iPhone 5s seems to be a hit. After selling out so fast on Apple’s official website that ship times are now in October for all gold models, and the Chinese literally swarming to get their hands on one, Apple is bumping production of the gold iPhone 5s to compensate. According to the Wall […]

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Sony To Compensate PSN Users For Downtime, Stolen Data?

It’s really not been a great week for Sony. The news that their PlayStation Network had been hacked was bad enough, but then the Japanese electronics giant was forced to tell its 70 million users that their personal data, and even their credit card details may have been stolen.

Once users had finished cancelling every card they’d ever even thought of attaching to PSN, the thoughts then turned to compensation. Just what will Sony do to make things right?  [Read More…]