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Apple’s SEC Filing Reveals Tim Cook’s 2012 Compensation & Pay Raises In Wake Of Scott Forstall Departure

Back from the holidays, Apple has just filed a preliminary proxy statement with the SEC today in preparation for its annual shareholder meeting in 2013. It’s filled with a lot of insight into the inner workings of our favorite company, and while the biggest news is probably Tim Cook’s remuneration for 2012, there are also other interesting tidbits, including Apple’s resistance to the idea of the appointment of a Board Committe  [Read More…]

Tim Cook Can Buy Your Dreams, Compensation Includes Millions in Stock Options

“Steve. I know. You’re worth, like, a gadgillion dollars.”

Tim Cook, Apple’s freshly appointed CEO, has deservedly earned a raise and a few perks.

One million perks to be exact. And by perks, I mean shares of Apple’s stock. Tim Cook, if he stays around to lead Apple through 2021, will be the proud owner of 1 million shares of Apple stock.The 8-K filing, a little document public companies must submit after major changes, puts into  [Read More…]

Sony To Bring PSN Back Online This Week, Will Offer Subscriber Freebees As Compensation

Sony today let us all in on the latest information regarding the state of its PlayStation Network, as well as announcing that it will be offering a selection of freebies to help smooth over relations with its customer base.

Over a week since Sony took PSN offline due to hackers gaining access to the personal data of its users, Sony today said that they hope to have the service back  [Read More…]