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A new report published today by Adobe demonstrates that, when it comes to both pay TV and the devices people choose for consuming digital media, Apple trounces the competition. Having once dismissed its own Apple TV offering as just a “hobby,” the… Read more ›

Spotify’s not happy about the way that Apple charges a 30 percent fee toward sales thorough its App Store, including subscription services. The tax structure means that in order for Spotify to make $ 9.99 per month for its premium service… Read more ›

We’ve already seen the Apple Watch’s durability get tested in some pretty extreme ways. Now Consumer Reports is weighing in with tests of its own and Apple Watch dominated the smartwatch competition. Both the stainless-steel Apple Watch and Apple Watch… Read more ›

You be the judge with music competition game Chosen

Note: Chosen is available for free right now but the ability to sing and judge is invite-only for now. As a special treat for Cult of Mac readers, however, the first 500 folks that enter the code 313 into the… Read more ›

Like a Terminator in a downhill marathon, the runaway sales of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus aren’t slowing down in a hurry. According to a new report published in the Korean press, analysts are expecting the iPhone to trample all… Read more ›

You be the judge with music competition game Chosen

SAN FRANCISCO — David Hyman is no stranger to the music business, having sold MOG to Beats when the headphone company wanted a music subscription service. He was the CEO at Gracenote before that, and the director of ad sales… Read more ›

Thanks to its impressive laser autofocus camera, Quad HD display, and improved design, the LG G3 has become one of this year’s hottest smartphones. But can those things help it fend off new competition from Cupertino? Apple today announced its new… Read more ›

I’ve been using a USB 3 external hard drive to backup my Macbook Pro for a while now, and have been pleased with its reliability and fast data transfer speed. I also love that it powers itself via the USB… Read more ›

There’s a lot of different metrics out there for gauging the success of personal electronics, some more suspect than others. Many companies, for example, favor units shipped to retailers, where as Apple favors the more realistic metric of units sold. Perhaps the best metric of all, though, isn’t what is shipped or sold, but what […]        [Read More…]

  Apple unveiled the new iPad mini with Retina display yesterday along side the iPad Air, and while we were expecting a bump up in resolution, we also got some nice internal hardware upgrades in the form of the A7…

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