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Evasi0n Tool For Mac & Windows Is Complete As Public Release Edges Closer [Jailbreak]


The upcoming evasi0n jailbreak that will will allow users to hack iOS devices running Apple’s latest iOS 6.1 firmware has been completed for Mac and Windows ahead of its public release. The team behind it the exploit confirmed the update on Twitter this morning. All that remains is the Linux client and “some testing.”

With the Mac and Windows clients complete, the evasi0n jailbreak is 68% done,  [Read More…]

Write & Send a Complete Email with Siri Faster Than Ever

Writing emails with Siri

If you’ve sent emails out with Siri before, you have probably noticed that Siri will often respond to the initial email request with an inquiry about what the mail subject or body should contain, making you respond with another phrase and continue a back-and-forth dialog with Siri until the to, subject, and message fields are completed. There’s certainly nothing wrong with that approach, but you can write  [Read More…]

Uber 2.0 For iPhone Goes Live With Complete Redesign, Ride Fare Estimates, iPhone 5 Support, And More

Uber is a really great service, but the iPhone app has always sucked. It has been a real shame because Uber made me never want to take a taxi again. I’ve been wanting the app itself, which is arguably the crux of the whole experience, to be on par with the great driving experiences I’ve had in Uber cars.

Today Uber 2.0 went live in the App Store, and it just  [Read More…]

Use Google Search On Your iPhone And Get Faster, More Complete Results Than Siri [iOS Tips]

Now, I love me some Siri, but even I have to admit that the personal voice assistant isn’t always super fast or super accurate. Last night, when I asked it when the new iMac would ship, it said, “I don’t know that that means. If you like, I can search the web for ‘When does the new iMac ship’.” Today, it directs me to “Apple’s rather fabulous website.”

When I asked  [Read More…]

The Complete iPad mini Meta-Review

iPad mini reviews are upon us. Apple’s embargo recently lifted and handpicked publications have exposed their early reviews for all to see. Apple has already sold out of initial pre-order stock, and the company’s smallest tablet will be available in limited supply at retail stores this weekend. The mini is expected to rock Apple’s bottom line this holiday season, and reviewers are gushing about how the bar has been  [Read More…]

Angry Birds Fans: Complete The Set With This Bad Pigs Recipe Book [Review]

Pigs will eat anything

There are games, and there are brands, and there are games that become brands. Angry Birds is one of those, and Bad Piggies Best Egg Recipes is the latest iOS Angry product to emerge from studio Rovio. It’s not a game. It’s a cookbook for iPad. Not an ordinary cookbook: this one’s just about eggs.

Enclosed within are 41 eggy recipes. Not just ways of cooking eggs,  [Read More…]

The Complete Dock For iPhone 5, iPad And Xoom (!) [Kickstarter]

Apple’s Universal Dock is anything but universal. It won’t work with any iPads, it won’t work with the iPhone 5, and it sure as hell won’t fit a Motorola Xoom. And unless you’re using it two-handed, and you’re wide awake, it doesn’t even work very well with the iPhone or iPod Touch.

The Complete Dock, on the other hand, works with almost anything. Hell, if you wanted to dock your cruise ship in it you  [Read More…]

These Are The Complete Blueprints For The iPhone 5 [Image]

The only people that really need to know all of the iPhone 5′sdimensions down to the nearesthundredthof a millimeter are case manufacturers, and rabid fanboys that can’t devour enough Apple knowledge. Apple posted the blueprints for the iPhone 5 in the developer center, but for some reason they can be accessed by anyone even if you don’t have an account.

The full high-res blueprints show crazy small details, like the degree  [Read More…]

This Chart Shows The Complete Difference Between Apple And Amazon [Image]

Yes, Amazon just released some beautiful new Kindles with HD screens and an ecosystem that could one day potentially rival Apple’s. Not only do the new Kindles look great, but they’re super cheap too, because Amazon wants to make money when you’re using their devices, not when you buy their devices.

If you take a look at the chart above you can see how completely different Amazon is from Apple. While  [Read More…]

Former Apple Engineers Working On Speedier Facebook For iPhone, Complete Overhaul Planned For Next Year [Report]

Rumors of Facebook rebuilding its official iPhone app have been circulating since The New York Times reported the news last month. Instead of an aesthetic redesign, Facebook was said to be focusing on fundamental improvements under the hood. The update was said to launch this summer. Interestingly, Facebook has also been hiring former Apple engineers who worked on the iPhone and iPad to help build a Facebook-centric smartphone with HTC as  [Read More…]