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Facebook has released a major redesign of its Messenger iPhone app in the App Store. The update is a significant departure from the previous version, and Facebook has designed it with iOS 7 in mind. Profile pictures are circular like…

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Today AT&T announced that it will be completely doing away with traditional data plans for new customers on October 25th. The carrier has been transitioning to its pooled, “Mobile Share” plan options since it introduced them last summer. New and existing customers have still been able to choose from a Mobile Share plan or a […]

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Apple Announces A Completely Different Mac [Video]



Even though we don’t know the release date or price, people are absolutely drooling over the new Mac Pro that Apple announced at WWDC. It’s tiny, black, and powerful as hell, so who can blame them.

But what if Apple announced a completely different Mac than the one we saw on Monday? What if, Apple announced the Big Mac? Check out this hilarious WWDC keynote mashup video from Simon Balch to  [Read More...]



If there was one concept I came away with from the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas this year, it’s this: Bluetooth has quickly seeped into everything audio.

Nowhere was this more evident than with higher-end headphones; it felt like every manufacturer we visited that week had an obligatory wireless Bluetooth headphone on display.

One booth I didn’t get to stop by was Scosche’s, so I missed a chance to get ears-on  [Read More...]

Disable the iPhone Camera completely Disabling the camera access in iOS prevents the Camera app icon from appearing on the home screen, it turns off the lock screen camera, and it also prevents all third party apps from using the camera at all, which as you may have guessed also disables FaceTime. No, you don’t have to physically remove the camera lens, this is all done by simple software settings.

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Grant Paul’s Zephry (left), Infinifolders (middle), and Gridlock (right) have all been updated.

As jailbreakers wait with eager expectation for an untethered jailbreak that works on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5, Cydia developers are still hard at work. One of the community’s most popular hackers, Grant “chpwn” Paul, has updated many of his popular tweaks. His most famous tweaks, Infinidock, Infiniboard, and Infinifolders, have all been completely rebuilt and made compatible with iOS  [Read More...]

The fine folks at The Iconfactory have put up a teaser page for Twitterrific 5, the next major version of their popular Twitter client. Version 5.0 will run on the iPhone and iPad, which hints at development of Twitterrific for Mac winding down.

As Twitter continues to make it harder and harder for third-party devs to support traditional clients, only a few apps like Twitterrific remain. Considering that Twitterrific was the first  [Read More...]

Like Spotify, Rdio offers unlimited music streaming for a monthly subscription fee. Today Rdio unveiled a completely redesigned iOS app in the App Store, and it’s available now as a free download for subscribers.

Clean and simple design has always been a plus for Rdio, and the new iPhone and iPad apps reflect that design taste.

Version 2.0 of Rdio is nothing short of a complete visual overhaul, and it looks fantastic.  [Read More...]

Popular microblogging service Tumblr just pushed out a huge update for its official iPhone app. Tumblr on the iPhone has always been a web-reliant experience, but today’s update introduces a new app that has been rewritten from the ground up to be completely native.

The Dashboard view is totally new and there’s a nifty Notifications panel with fluid animations and swiping gestures throughout the whole app.

Full list of changes:

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How to Disable the Mac Boot Chime Completely

Disable the Mac boot chime

If you’re a Mac owner you know that every time the Mac reboots or starts up it makes a startup chime sound. Though you can temporarily mute the chime by holding down the Mute key on any Mac keyboard, you can also choose to disable it completely by turning to the command line.

Launch Terminal, found in /Applications/Utilities/, then enter the following command to disable the boot chime:

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