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With iCloud switch, Apple completes purge of Google Maps

Apple Maps has been out for over two years but it’s just finally completing its original mission to completely replace Google Maps in all of Apple’s products. Starting today iCloud.com users will see an online version of Apple Maps when…Read more ›

Google completes its iOS productivity suite with new Slides app

Until today, Google had free apps for making documents and spreadsheets on iOS: Google Docs and Google Sheets. To complete the trifecta, Google Slides has been released in the App Store for creating Powerpoint-like presentations. Google is gunning hard at…Read more ›

Facebook & Twitter Integration Completes Roll-Out Across the Apple Online Store

Apple has now completed the roll-out for social network integration across its online store, allowing shoppers to share every single one of the store’s products on Facebook and Twitter — including third-party items. The feature was first introduced last month and allowed customers to share a limited number of Apple products with their friends via the most popular social networks. As of today, however, the feature has spread across the whole  [Read More…]