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Apple Watch Sport may cost less than $85 in components

Tim Cook told investors on Monday to not even try to guess how much Apple’s supply chain costs are, but that’s not stopping some analysts from trying to determine the cost of Apple Watch components IHS Technology toredown the 38mm…Read more ›

iWatch specs and components show up on Reddit

There’s just one day to go until Apple reportedly unveils its long-awaited iWatch and – as if anticipation couldn’t be any higher – a Reddit user just posted what he claims to be half a dozen technical images of Apple’s wearables device. The user claims…Read more ›

iPhone 6 components are readily available

Apple’s iPhone 6 is supposed to be a big secret in this part of the world, but in China, parts are readily available. Although the iPhone 6 hasn’t been announced and won’t be in stores for a couple of weeks,…Read more ›

iPhone 6 leaks continue with new components and larger speaker

We’re 23 days and counting (most likely) from the iPhone 6 going on sale, and more and more components are surfacing to tease what we can all look forward to in our next generation handsets. The latest leak comes from French…Read more ›

Teardown Reveals iPhone 5s Components Costs Start At $191

iphone_5c_exploded-598x480An early teardown of the iPhone 5s by research firm IHS found that even though Apple has added a new A7 processor, fingerprint sensor and improved camera to its high-end iPhone, the company pays less for the components of the iPhone 5s than it did for the iPhone 5. The new teardown revealed that Apple pays […]

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iPhone 5 Repair Costs Won’t Fall Until Apple Loosens Its Control Over Components


If you drop your iPhone and you don’t have it covered by AppleCare or another insurance plan, it’s almost always cheaper to have it repaired by a third-party than it is to have Apple do it. Unless you have an iPhone 5.

Apple’s tight control over iPhone 5 components means that they’re so hard to get hold of, repair costs remain high — even with third-party services. Some have even been  [Read More…]

Chipworks Analyzes A5X and New iPad Components Under Infrared Microscope

Photo courtesy of Chipworks Yesterday iFixit tore down the iPad 3 revealing the new iPads A5X processor. Today, Chipworks went a step further by analyzing a number of the components in the new iPad under an infrared microscope. The comprehensive analysis of everything inside the new iPad revealed the A5X is built around Samsungs 45nm low power architecture CMOS production process. The same architecture is utilized in the A5, and A4 processors found in older  [Read More…]

Analyst Claims Apple Shopping for TV Components From Major Supplier

Not a bad mockup of what Apple’s HDTV could look like. The only thing missing is the price… According to a report by a Piper Jaffray analyst Apple has contacted at least one major supplier about television display components. Gene Munster, of Piper Jaffray, told investors Tuesday that during talks with a major TV component supplier about Apples rumored HDTV the supplier told Jaffray Apple had reached out regarding various capabilities of their television display  [Read More…]

More iPhone 5 Components Leaked As We Approach Launch

Well, what a start to the week! Following those iPhone 5 prototype battery images we published earlier today, we have more photographs of iPhone components, including the rear-facing camera, an audio flex cable, and another of its battery. The components are from TVC Mail andwere first discovered by MacRumors. Theyare undoubtedly different to the parts currently used in the iPhone 4. Theyre only subtle differences, so youll have to look closely,  [Read More…]

Black & White iPhone 5 Components Surface Online

Another set of iPhone 5 components have surfaced online, and while these things never really give away a lot of information about Apples upcoming device, they do indicate that it could be available in both black and white. MacPost discovered the components, which includes an iPhone 5 replacement camera lens, as well as replacement headphones jacks. The headphone jacks are particularly interesting because theyre available in both black and white. Although  [Read More…]