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Why the iPad Pro is Apple’s vision for the future of personal computing

This is a guest post by Fraser Speirs, a teacher, systems administrator and consultant specialising in the application of modern mobile technology in schools. It originally appeared on his personal website. “The iPad is the clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing.” – Tim Cook The above statement by Apple’s CEO […]

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Apple sends recruiters to Women in Computing event to promote gender equality

Apple is throwing its name into the hat of big name tech companies trying to even the male-female ratio within high tech, by sending hundreds of its employees to recruit students attending this year’s Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing…Read more ›

5 more Mac keyboard shortcuts that make computing even easier

After we posted our handy Mac keyboard shortcuts video, we got a ton of comments — and more great suggestions about ways to streamline working with your Apple computer. In today’s video, we take a look at another handful of…Read more ›

The iTie Concept: Wearable Computing For Suits

Pop quiz: Is the iTie a) A derogatory term used by older English people to insult Italians? b) An electronic collar which uses a tie as a flexible screen – kind of like an iPhone, only a tie? c) All…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Other World Computing Has All The Mac Holiday Goodies You Can Wish For

This holiday, why not treat yourself and your loved ones with Other World Computing (OWC)‘s massive catalog of great-quality Mac, iPhone, and iPod products and services. With a range of computer expansion products such as memory/speed-boosting drives, tablet stands, cases,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple’s First Foray Into Wearable Computing To Be iHearing Aid?

When the topic of Apple expanding into wearable computing comes up, few people are likely thinking that a logical starting point is a new hearing aid. But according to numerous reports, that is exactly the direction Apple is heading in.…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Will Women Dominate the Wearable Computing Market?

Here comes wearable computing, and Android and the Googleverse have a huge head start. But will the Android devices lose the lead because they fail to target the women’s market? Google Glass hasn’t shipped yet, but dominates mindshare. If you…Read more ›

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Our Fave Mac And iOS Computing Tips Plus Logic Gets Pro’er On The CultCast

Thanks for the Skeuo-tastic fan art @YSR50!This week on The CultCast: Logic Pro gets Pro’er with new features and iPad controls; Google Maps finally comes to iPad; Apple hunts for iWatch engineers; more iPad Mini retina rumors; Apple slangin’ TV deals with studios to kill commercials; we dish great computing tips on Tips Ahoooy! Have a few laughs and get caught […]

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How Wearable Computing Will Change Everything, Including Apple


Listen, you tech-savvy, trend-resisting cynic you. I want you to stop dismissing wearable computing as a pointless, narcissistic fad.

Wearable computing is not for people too lazy to look at their phones. It’s not a trendy toy for wealthy yuppies. And it’s not about joining Robert Scoble in the shower.

What you need to know is this: Wearable computing is the next evolution of consumer electronics. And it  [Read More…]

Apples Video Introduction To Siri Is A Look At The Future Of Computing [Video]

If youre not sold on how incredible Apples new Siri technology is, and why its worth buying an iPhone 4S just to have access to it, check out the incredible Siri demo videoAppleplayed at todays event. If this doesnt make you think that were on the cusp of an entirely new era of the way we interact with our devices, well, let us know, we probably embedded a Dramatic Chipmunk video by mistake instead.