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AHOY takes the concept of Yo to the next level

Yo went from being what was considered a dumb joke to an amazing success basically overnight. The app’s idea dead simple: let the user send only the word “Yo” to a friend in a push notification. Now there’s an API for… Read more ›

Apple has the best App Store on the planet. Thousands of developers.  Millions of apps. Billions of sales. But no one can find a damn thing. Since 2008 iOS users have downloaded the App Store’s 1.2 million apps over 75 billion times.… Read more ›

The official unveiling of iOS 8 is less than three days away and even though I’m not expecting Jony Ive to debut huge overhauls to the UI, my six-year old homescreen of boring rows of app icons are desperate for something… Read more ›

Check out our iPhone 6 Concept Trailer!

Based on all of the leaks and rumours for the iPhone 6, until it’s officially announced check out Cult of Mac’s exclusive concept trailer created by our very own Ste Smith! Using a 3D model and a little bit of… Read more ›

Apple’s rumored iWatch could give the watch industry a much needed shot in the wrist once its finally revealed, but what if Apple decided to make iWatch a platform like CarPlay instead of an actual product? It sounds crazy but… Read more ›

The icon-tiled interface of iOS could use more than just a flat facelift from Jony Ive to feel more modern and even though jailbreakers have enjoyed widgets for years, maybe it’s time Apple added them in Control Center. This iOS… Read more ›

The last Apple TV concept we saw had us swooning for a redesigned Apple remote/gaming pad, but if Apple decides to reduce the Apple TV’s size to take on the Chromecast and the new Roku stick, this Apple TV Air… Read more ›     

The iTie Concept: Wearable Computing For Suits

Pop quiz: Is the iTie a) A derogatory term used by older English people to insult Italians? b) An electronic collar which uses a tie as a flexible screen – kind of like an iPhone, only a tie? c) All… Read more ›     

Of all the Apple rumors out there, one that comes from particularly far out in left field is the iPad Pro. There have been some reports that Apple is planning to release a larger tablet, but nothing substantial. Like always,… Read more ›     

A new Apple TV is expected in the coming months, but little is known about the hardware. Apple has yet to redesign the basic remote it ships with the Apple TV, and instead the company has put out a Remote… Read more ›