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iOS 5 Concept Widgets Done Right [Video]

AS we know and told you that iOS 5 Firmware will be loaded with dozen of new features. The below video on youtube will show you how Apple may simply implement Widgets into iOS 5 Firmware using UI that users are already accustomed to. I came up with two widgets for Game  [Read More…]

This Case Turns Your iPhone 4 Into A Polaroid Printer [Concept]

The Polaroid camera was a stalwart of the family holiday for many years, but with the advent of digital photography, the instant gratification of the Polaroid was no longer needed in an era of cameras with LCD screens.

Now of course we all have our own cameras in our smartphones, and the iPhone in particular has an excellent camera. If only there was a way to get hard-copy photos out of it quickly. You know, like a Polaroid.

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iOS 5 Notifications System New Concept

Now I will show you several images and video that introduce the very amazing concept of the new notification system on the upcoming iOS 5. It’s really very simple and highly functional. The idea to put all notifications into an app. As you can see the first screenshot, the iOS Notifications application, collecting a total of notifications from the various programs. Once launched, the list would show the whole list of applications for which we received  [Read More…]

iPhone 4 Concept With Leica i9 Camera

The folks at Black Design Associates created a concept that essentially turns an iPhone 4 case into a full-feleged camera.Simply you have to place iPhone 4 inside the case, then you now ready-to-shoot with a camera featured flash memory, 12.1 megapixel sensor and 8x optical zoom. All controls can be found throw iPhone 4’s 3.5 inches retina display. Then you can directly share your photos on your favorite social networks by iPhone.Do you interested  [Read More…]

The Improved iOS Notifications System: This Is What It Should Look Like [Concept]

Last month we brought you a proposed new way for Apple to handle notifications and popups inside iOS. Designed by Shawn Hickman, the system used the Spotlight page to list notifications ready for taking action on. We liked it, and we hoped Apple would use it when revamping notifications in iOS 5. But now there’s a new kid on the block – and it’s lovely.

Designed by David Connell,  [Read More…]