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New iPhone 7 concepts have vastly different takes on the future

Now that Apple has ruined all of our fun by showing us what the iPhone SE looks like, we can go back to obsessing over iPhone 7 concepts. We have two new ones for you to check out; one of them seems way more likely than the other, but they’re equally fun. We’re sure these […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Jailbreak Concepts We’d Like To See In iOS 7


Apple has been using ideas that originated in the jailbreak community for years. A jailbreak tweak called MobileNotifier enhanced push notifications in iOS 4, and Apple hired the guy who made it and released Notification Center in iOS 5. Jailbreakers were doing multitasking and tethering before Apple too.

Looking ahead at iOS 7, I honestly have no idea what to expect from Apple. Jony Ive has never really been a big  [Read More…]

One iWatch To Rule Them All: More Incredible iWatch Concepts By Martin Hajek [Gallery]


I’ve never been convinced by Martin Hajek’s iWatch concepts. They’re beautifully done, but the stitched leather band is hideous and very un-Apple-like, and I can’t help but feel that whatever the iWatch is going to be, it isn’t going to be an unusably small iPod touch strapped to your wrist.

That said, Hajek’s just unveiled a number of high-quality renders of his iWatch concept that he did for MacUser, and if you’re a fan  [Read More…]

Bizarre But Beautiful iPhone 6 Concepts Re-Imagine Home Button On The Side [Gallery]


Apple’s always looking to miniaturize its gadgets down to the slimmest, smallest form factor possible, which is why the venerable iOS home button is such a conspicuous space waster: although the button grounds users in the iOS operating system, it’s also a fairly big and bulky element of the front of the device.

According to Peter Zigich in his new concepts for the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 mini and iPhone 6  [Read More…]

Imagining An Apple iWatch With A Curved Glass Display [Concepts]


What would an iWatch look like?

The iTV, iRadio, and now iWatch. Apple rumors never sleep, and the latest batch of reports reveal that the folks in Cupertino are working on the future of wearable technology, externally dubbed “iWatch.” Little is known about the device, other than it is being designed for the wrist with a curved glass display.

Since iWatch rumors started re-gaining momentum in recent weeks, many have been speculating  [Read More…]

Seven Bizarre iPhone Concepts That Apple Almost Made For Real [Gallery]

Apple almost made this iPhone. Really.

Over the past few years we’ve seen hundreds of fake iPhone mockups, some have been bizarre, while others looked so good we wished they were real. What’s been most surprising is that some of the weirdest looking concepts are actually fairly similar to prototypes Apple was working on in their labs.

Thanks to the evidence in the Apple vs Samsung trial, we got to see the  [Read More…]

Jailbreak Concepts That Apple Should Add In iOS 6 [Feature]

  Apple is expected to unveil iOS 6, the next major iteration of its software platform for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, at WWDC in two weeks. Not much is known about iOS 6, other than the new Maps app and the possibility of a more metallic look. Many have been speculating about what Apple could introduce, and we at Cult of Mac have a few ideas  [Read More…]

Apple Seeks to Improve iOS Notifications by Hiring Fresh Talent Praised for Concepts

Apple has recently hired Jan-Michael Cart, best known for creating demos of proposed Notification Center tweak, to intern with the company for the next seven months. Carts internship follows two other recent hires known for notification work. This suggests that the Cupertino giant is aware that iOS notifications still need some work. Cart is currently a junior majoring in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia, specializing in video and graphic design. According to  [Read More…]

Latest Concepts Of iphone 5 & ipad 3

There have been many concept designs of the iphone 5 and ipad 3 .Here is the latest concept of iphone 5 and ipad 3 We can see that it got thinner and wider than iphone 4 Also ipad 3 got thinner, wider and simpler than ipad 2 So, what’s your opinion about these new concepts? [Via]