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iPad giveaway prank proves you shouldn’t ignore Terms and Conditions

Despite the fact that they frequently contain things we should be concerned about, it’s rare that we pay much (if any) attention to exactly what we’re agreeing to when we hit “Accept” on the Terms & Conditions section of some new app we’ve downloaded. However, a fun viral video by YouTube prankster Jena Kingsley shows why […]

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Talented cartoonist turns iTunes Terms & Conditions into comic book art

We’ve all seen those horrendously long Terms and Conditions documents with every bit of Apple software we download, including the iTunes Terms and Conditions. But what if you could see them in an illustrated version? We all might read them in that case. These illustrated panels, each drawn in a different comic book style after […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Another Apple partner accused of unsafe worker conditions

One of Apple’s supply chain iPhone manufacturers is under fire for unsafe and illegal labor practices — and for once it’s not Foxconn. This time the company is Pegatron, which worker rights group China Labor Watch says has not cleaned up its act, despite Apple claiming that it would investigate it back in 2013 after 86 labour rights violations […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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iPhone 6s will be better at shooting in low-light conditions

A person allegedly working in Apple’s supply chain has spilled the beans on what we can expect from the iSight camera used in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, set to arrive next month. According to the source, the 12-megapixel camera will boast a bigger sensors capable of taking in more light — hopefully enabling […][Read More…]

BBC shines spotlight back on Apple’s poor working conditions in Asia

In a documentary set to air tonight called Apple’s Broken Promises, BBC One went undercover at Pegatron, one of Apple’s main supply chain partners in China. The findings from inside Pegatron’s walls show that “Apple’s promises to protect workers were routinely…Read more ›

Apple Focuses On Worker Conditions & Environment In New Supplier Report

Apple has released its eighth annual Supplier Responsibility Progress Report. The forty-page document focuses on Apple’s progress in providing the 1 million+ people working in its supply chain with “safe and ethical working conditions,” as well as the company’s efforts…Read more ›    [Read More…]

HP Follows Apple’s Lead To Clean Up Factory Working Conditions


After facing a lot of scrutiny for the past few years over working conditions at factories in China, Apple has made a lot of progress on cleaning up their manufacturing partners’ facilities. Pay has been increased. Forced overtime and child labor aren’t as frequent. And we haven’t heard of any massive brawls in a while.

Following Apple’s lead, HP has decided to get its act together in China as well by reducing the  [Read More…]

NYT: Apple Is Making Good Progress With Foxconn Working Conditions Overseas [Report]

Tim Cook spent time with Foxconn employees during his visit to China earlier this year.

The New York Times raised quite a stink at the beginning of this year with its provocative ‘iEconomy’ series on the poor working conditions at Foxconn, Apple’s largest manufacturing partner in China. After running headlines like “In China, human costs are built into an iPad,” the Times has published a new report that more positively portrays  [Read More…]

Apple Critic Allegedly Lied About Foxconn Working Conditions on ‘This American Life’

Controversy swept across the airwaves Friday, as an episode of the popular public radio program This American Life is being pulled from the archives as a result of new insights showing one of the program’s featured guests lied about the subject matter. What was the subject matter, you ask? Apple – and, in particular, the supposedly horrific working conditions found at Foxconn. Significant fabrications were told during the broadcast, the producers of the show revealed  [Read More…]

Foxconn Hiring Employees to Help Improve Factory Working Conditions

A recent report fromBloombergconfirms that Foxconn is interested and seeking to hire new security and safety experts to help improve the working conditions in facilities that are responsible for supplying Apple products. Louis Woo, Foxconns retail division chairmen confirmed the job listings, which include a lifestyle manager – responsible for maintaining worker dorms and healthcare, a safety and security expert, as well as two fire chiefs. According to Woo: Originally Posted by: The lifestyle manager  [Read More…]