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Enable a Confirmation When Deleting Files & Folders with rm Command

Most command line users know that the “rm” command for removing and deleting files is quite powerful, able to delete just about any file imaginable within the file system – whether it should be removed or not. Once you add in wildcards and sudo, rm and srm because exponentially more potent and potentially dangerous, so … Read More

Bloomberg Gives More Confirmation On Thinner iPad 5 And Retina iPad Mini Coming This Year

Apple-iPad-Mini-Review2A new report from Bloomberg reiterates previous reports on Apple’s plans for the iPad family this year. According to Bloomberg, the fifth-gen iPad will be thinner with a design that more closely matches the iPad mini. The Wall Street Journal reported the exact same thing this morning. Expect thinner bezels around the display. Bloomberg has […]

The post Bloomberg Gives More Confirmation On Thinner iPad 5 And Retina iPad Mini Coming  [Read More…]

Further Confirmation of Sharp Supplying LCD Panels to Apple

Further confirmation is being provided regarding Apple’s move to using Sharp as a source of display for the upcoming iPad 3 from a Wall Street Journal report. It’s been rumored before that Apple is adding Sharp as one of their screen manufacturers for their next generation iPad. People that are familiar with the situation mentioned that the Cupertino giant moves to diversify component suppliers for its products. According to the WSJsources, Apple will also be investing in Sharp’s  [Read More…]

AT&T is Preparing for iPhone 5 Launch This September, But Has It Had Confirmation from Apple? [Rumor]

It’s looking increasingly likely as the weeks go on that Apple’s fifth-generation iPhone will launch this September, and strengthening all that speculation is a new report that claims AT&T is now beginning to communicate launch plans to its staff. According to a report from Boy Genius Report, who has a “proven source,” AT&T is informing its staff to be ready for a busy September: We have been told that AT&T has begun  [Read More…]

LinkSafe: URL App-Switching Confirmation

Applications that work in conjunction with one another can be a blessing and a curse, especially in regards to URLs. It is convenient to be able to tap a URL within one application and for it to automatically open another application to read or play the link or video. But what can be aggravating is when you tap a URL within an application on accident and it automatically opens another, potentially stopping what you were  [Read More…]

No Confirmation of Early Apple Store Hours Tuesday

Click the image to open in full size.  Reports surfaced Monday that Apple stores may open as much as one hour earlier than usual on Tuesday to accommodate shoppers who haven’t yet been able to purchase the presently sold-out iPad 2. Despite no confirmation from Apple, it has been widely reported that Apple stores are receiving major shipments of the iPad 2 this evening and, as a result, will have their employees report to work  [Read More…]