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How iOS 9’s Wi-Fi Assist frees users from slow connections

A new, slightly hidden feature in iOS 9 hopes to help keep your connection as strong as possible. Apple’s latest version of its mobile firmware contains a lot of obvious changes (Passbook is now called Wallet, for example), but a lot of the biggest and best changes are buried away just waiting for you to […]

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Best deals of the week: 81% off lifetime WordPress theme subscriptions, 74% off VPN’s secure mobile connections, & more [Deals]

Cult of Mac has some fine deals on offer this week, offering discounts on a lifetime of WordPress themes and secure mobile connections, an exclusive 3Doodler bundle, and plenty more. TeslaThemes WordPress Themes: Lifetime Subscription – 81% off Building a…Read more ›

Thunder Dock Adds Absurd Number Of Connections To Your Mac

  “Thunderbolt, ho!” That’s the cry of low-frame-rate animated big cats when they found out just how much the new Akitio Thunder Dock can do when hooked up to a Mac. And “Snarrrfff” is what their rat-like friend said when…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Personal Hotspot Dropping Connections? Try This DHCP Client Fix

Fix Personal Hotspot dropping connections Personal Hotspot lets you share a devices cellular data connection with other devices or computers by turning a device into a wi-fi router, and it’s easily one of the better features of the iPhone and cellular iPad models (and Android phones for that matter). The iOS Personal Hotspot usually functions without a hitch, but sometimes the connection can appear flakey and connected devices will drop off  [Read More…]

How to Block All Incoming Network Connections in Mac OS X

The OS X Firewall provides an optional ability to block all incoming network connections, offering a significant security boost to Macs that are located in untrusted networks or hostile network environments.

Block incoming network connections in Mac OS X

Because this is the strictest level of preventative network access possible in OS X through the built-in Mac firewall, the ideal usage is for situations where the default assumption would be  [Read More…]

Blazar Bluetooth Speaker Uses NFC For Easy Setup, Stereo Connections

dual-speaker-bg.jpgThe Blazar is yet another wireless speaker designed to play nice with your iDevices, and any other music-machines you might have laying around. This one distinguishes itself with a few neat features, including stereo pairing and NFC. The Blazar comes from Salt Lake City-based Beacon, and joins the smaller Phoenix speaker and a range of […]

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Private Eye Checks Your Mac’s Network Connections For Free [OS X Tips]

What’s connecting to where?

If you’ve ever wondered precisely what your Mac is connecting to on the internet and when it’s doing it, there’s a new free app called Private Eye to help you out.

For many many years now, the app of choice for this kind of job was Little Snitch, and it remains the choice of professionals because of its lengthy list of advanced features.

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iOS 6 Allows Apps To Use Wi-Fi Plus Cellular Connections


Have you ever watched your iPhone attempt to load a webpage with a poor Wi-Fi connection, and wondered why it doesn’t just switch to 3G automatically? In currently iOS releases, your device can’t do that. If you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network, it will only use the Wi-Fi network. But iOS 6 changes that. You’ll soon be able to use “Wi-Fi Plus Cellular” connections, which allows apps to switch to a  [Read More…]

Slow iPhone Wi-Fi? Speed Up iOS Wireless Connections with Faster DNS Servers

Set iPhone DNS If your iPhone Wi-Fi connection seems inexplicably slow, particularly when having moved from one wireless network to another, try manually setting custom DNS servers. This speeds up the response time and your wireless connectivity in general: Open Settings Tap on Wi-Fi and tap the blue arrow alongside the wi-fi network name you are connected to Tap the numbers next to DNS to change them For the best  [Read More…]

Monitor Network Connections in Mac OS X for Free with Private Eye

Private Eye open connections Private Eye is a free real-time network monitor app for Mac OS X 10.7+ that is extremely easy to use. Launching the app, youll start to see all open network connections, and you can then filter connections by app, monitor all open connections, or watch only incoming or outgoing transfer. Connections are reported by application, the time of the connection, and arguably the most useful, the IP  [Read More…]