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Beat this, Apple! Google conquers El Capitan (on Street View)

Thanks to iOS and Android, Apple and Google have been locked in a battle with each other for years now. Which is why it’s all the more ironic that Google would choose to unveil its latest Street View feature by…Read more ›

Facebook conquers death in the status update game

When it comes to dying, who’s going to take over my Facebook account isn’t one of my biggest worries, but if you want to ensure that you’re killing it on social media from the grave, Facebook just rolled out a…Read more ›

Love conquers all (even vampire glamour) in True Blood episode “Almost Home”

As the eighth of the planned ten episodes in this final season of HBO vamp-drama, True Blood, “Almost Home” brings more storylines to a close, weaning us off the Bon Temps drama gently, with a few fun explodey bits along…Read more ›