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An Apple car in 2019 and the pros and cons of iPhone 6s on The CultCast

This week: the embargoes have lifted and the iPhone 6s reviews are in—we’ll tell you what folks love—and don’t—about Apple’s newest iPhone. Plus: Apple car coming in 2019; why we love the new watchOS 2 update; and, with our three month Apple Music trial running out, we ponder—is the service worth paying for? Our thanks […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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A Jailbreaker’s Perspective On The Pros And Cons Of Developing For The App Store Vs. Cydia [JailbreakCon]

The iOS App Store has seen unprecedented success since its launch in 2008. Apple undoubtedly boasts the largest and most vibrant app ecosystem in existence, but the App Store’s success has come at a cost.

Apple’s ‘walled garden’ approach gives the company complete control over which apps are published in the App Store. If an app doesn’t follow Apple’s playbook, it doesn’t get in. You may work for months and months  [Read More…]

Should You Get AppleCare+ For The New iPad? Heres The Pros & Cons

Do you really need this?

Buying a new iPad? Be sure that youre well aware that Apple has made some changes to AppleCare for the iPad. This past year Apple changed the iPhone AppleCare option to AppleCare+ and it has now done the same for the iPad. Unsurprisingly, AppleCare+ offers you more protection for your new iPad than was previously available under standard AppleCare plans, but there are a few  [Read More…]