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Tony Fadell says Steve Jobs was considering an Apple Car in 2008

Steve Jobs was considering building an Apple Car as far back as 2008, the year after successfully launching the iPhone, according to a new interview with Nest CEO and iPod co-creator Tony Fadell. Speaking with Bloomberg TV’s Emily Chang, Fadell says that he and Jobs enjoyed “a couple of walks” (Jobs’ favored way of taking […]

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Apple considering how best to add Force Touch to iPhone 6s

Apple is reportedly testing two different designs for incorporating Apple Watch-style Force Touch technology into its next iPhone, according to a new report citing the Taiwanese supply chain. With around five months until the next iPhone is unveiled, Apple is…Read more ›

Former Obama Spokesman Jay Carney still rumored to be considering Apple PR job

Is former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney talking to Apple about becoming its new head of PR? That’s the question still circulating around Silicon Valley after a pair of conflicting reports came out earlier this week. According to a…Read more ›

Apple Is Reportedly Considering Its Own Spotify Competitor And iTunes For Android

Apple has been talking to record label executives about launching its own on-demand streaming service, according to a new report from Billboard. In what would certainly be a shocking turn of events, Apple is allegedly considering an iTunes app for…Read more ›    [Read More…]

WSJ: Apple Seriously Considering 4.8 To 6-Inch Screens For Future iPhones

larger iPhone concept by Martin HajekThe latest from The Wall Street Journal is that Apple is working on bigger screens for the iPhone, with experiments ranging from 4.8 to 6 inches. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard such claims; the Journal itself said Apple was testing larger iPhones and iPads in July. It sounds like Apple is still in […]

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Reuters: Apple Considering Bigger iPhones With 4.7-Inch & 5.7-Inch Displays


While competing smartphone manufacturers are producing devices in a whole host of different sizes, Apple’s iPhone has had only two screen sizes in its six-year history. But according to four sources with knowledge of Apple’s plans, who have been speaking to Reuters, the Cupertino company is “considering” iPhones with 4.7-inch and 5.7-inch displays.

It is also said to be working on a cheaper iPhone that will come in a range of different colors.

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Google Considering Buying Waze For Around $1 Billion


Google is considering a buyout of Waze, the mapping app for iPhone and Android that specializes in crowd-sourced information. Waze’s asking price is around $ 1 billion, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Other big tech companies have been courting the map startup, most notably Facebook.

“None of the bidders is close to clinching a deal and the talks may fall apart,” says the report. There have been whispers that  [Read More…]

The CardNinja Is Really The Only iPhone Wallet Solution Worth Considering [CES 2013]


I have an admiration for very simple solutions, and while the CardNinja — a new iPhone accessory that was on display last night at Showstoppers! — isn’t going to light anyone’s world on fire, it’s a “why didn’t I think of that?” kind of product that makes it a lot easier to treat your iPhone like a real wallet.

There’s nothing complicated or ostentatious about the CardNinja. Basically, it’s just  [Read More…]

Apple Considering Partnership With Foursquare For iOS 6 Maps [Report]

Apple is looking to evolve its own Maps app in iOS 6 by potentially partnering with Foursquare to provide local listings, according to a new report from The Wall Street Journal. Talks between Apple and Foursquare are still in the early “preliminary” stages, according to the report, but Apple is definitely interested in what Foursquare has to offer.

Yelp is already integrated into iOS 6 Maps, and Apple partners with other  [Read More…]

Apple Considering AAPL Stock Split, Would Join The Dow Jones [Report]

AAPL is about to get more affordable.

According to a new report this morning, Apple is considering a stock split that could add the company to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.Sanford C. Bernstein & Co predicts that Apple’s decision to issue its first dividend in 17 years to shareholders makes now a perfect time for the stock split.

Apple is currently in the NASDAQ index, but given the incredible financial success the  [Read More…]