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Apple Watch preorders surpass 2 million amidst supply constraints

While Apple isn’t saying how many Watches it’s sold, estimates so far are that more than 1 million preorders have been placed. Now the industry’s leading Apple analyst is weighing in with his own findings, including why preorder estimates have already…Read more ›

iPhone 5s Set To Sell Out Very Quickly Amid Supply Constraints

iPhone 5S 3 colorsIf you want to get your hands on an iPhone 5s anytime soon, prepare to work for it. Apple is suffering “severely constrained” supply for the 5s launch, and it’s likely that most models will sell out quickly in stores this weekend. “We don’t know the cause of the iPhone 5s shortages, but have been told […]

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Initial iPhone 5S Shipments May Be Reduced Due To Supply Constraints [Rumor]

iphone 5 display swApple may be forced to reduce its iPhone 5S orders for the fourth quarter of 2013 due to supply constraints affecting the handset’s rumored fingerprint sensor and LCD driver chips. Both components were expected to enter production in late June or early July, but that’s now been pushed back into late July, according to industry […]

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New iMacs Aren’t Delayed, But Apple Is Facing Supply Constraints

There have been a few rumors over the last week or two claiming that Apple’s new ultra-thin iMacs won’t be available in stores until 2013 due to production issues with the display and other components.

Rumors of the delay are probably false though, as a new report claims production is still on track for 2012, but initial supply will be fairly low.

John Paczkowski of All ThingsD claims that Apple’s  [Read More…]

iPhone 5′s New In-Cell Touch Display Is Causing ‘Significant Production Constraints’ [Report]

Manufacturers simply cannot produce the iPhone 5′s new display fast enough.

It seemed like Apple was coping well with the iPhone 5 demand, despite it being the company’s fastest-selling iPhone to date. Sure, pre-orders sold out within the first hour of availability, but those who were told they wouldn’t get their new smartphone until October have already begun receiving shipping notifications.

But iPhone 5 production may have hit a stumbling black. The handset’s new 4-inch display,  [Read More…]