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19% Of Consumers Say They’ll Buy The “iWatch” Before It’s Even Announced


A new survey conducted by ChangeWave Research has found that 19% of U.S. consumers say they’re likely to purchase Apple’s much-anticipated “iWatch” if and when it becomes available. The demand has been attributed to “Apple’s track record of delivering ultra-convenient, easy to use products with perceived ‘cool factor’.”

ChangeWave surveyed 1,713 consumers in the U.S. between March 4 and March 19, of which 5% said that they are “very likely” to purchase a  [Read More…]

Consumers Aren’t In Love With The Online Apple Store Anymore According To New Survey

Apple has a reputation of excellent customer service. You can walk into an Apple Store and get your device fixed. You can play with an iMac or iPad in the store for an hour without a salesman trying to push you into buying.

Apple usually dominates customer satisfaction polls for physical retail locations, but their Apple Store website may need some help. Even though Apple is the most popular tech  [Read More…]

EFF: Apple-Samsung Trial Is Hurting Innovation, Consumers

The Electronic Frontier Foundation today issued a statement condemning the Apple-Samsung trial as the latest high-profile case to use patent laws to bludgeon innovation and consumer protection in the U.S.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a non-profit legal and advocacy firm concentrating on digital rights. Some of the groups biggest tech cases have included successful litigation on behalf of Grokster and developers of privacy-protecting software, and helped establish legal precedent defining computer code  [Read More…]

Apple Study Claims That US Consumers Bought Android Devices To Remain With Current Carrier

Samsung’s Galaxy S Vibrant vs. iPhone 4

Apple claims that its internal research shows that the main reason US smartphone consumers purchased an Android phone instead of an iPhone was in order to stay with their current carrier. The study only covers the US smartphone marked and was brought up by Samsung today as court evidence in the patent infringement trial between the two companies in Northern California.

The study was published at  [Read More…]

Consumers Expected To Shut Up And Smile As Verizon Donates $1.25 Million Of Stolen Money To The FCC [Rant]

Perhaps you’ve heard the “great” news about how Verizon has to dish out $ 1.25 million to the FCC for violating the FCCs C Block rules, requiring licensees of C Block spectrum to allow customers to freely use the devices and applications of their choosing. If you’re just hearing about it, let me give you the gist of things and then you’ll get to hear me rant.

Back in 2008 there  [Read More…]

OS X Mountain Lions GateKeeper: Bad For Businesses, Great For Consumers [Opinion]

GateKeeper is one of the big new features in Mountain Lion. Its designed to protect against malware by limiting what kinds of software gets installed on your Mac. GateKeeper offers Mac users three levels of security: Mac App Store purchases (which have been fully vetted by Apple), Developer ID apps purchased outside the Mac App Store that are digitally signed so your Mac can verify their authenticity via Apple, and  [Read More…]

Samsung to Use Apple’s Method to Gain Brand Loyalty and Win Consumers

A recently published report outlines a recent interview with Samsungs marketing chief who explains the thought process behind the South Korean competitors anti-Apple campaign. It also details the companys plans to win over the minds of consumers worldwide. During the Consumers Electronics Show in January,AllThingsDsat down and spoke with Younghee Lee, Samsungs head of marketing, and found out that the company is seeking to create a brand status similar to Apples in order to boost  [Read More…]

Canadian Consumers Purchase Clay iPad 2s Swapped out by Scammers

Nothing quite like spending $500 and opening up your mint iPad 2 box to find a giant piece of clay. At least it wasnt coal right? A number of Canadian consumers thought the same thing this holiday season after some sneaky scammers returned a number of iPad 2s with clay replicas in the boxes instead of iPad 2s. The total number of iPad 2s swapped is as many as 24 all at Future Shop, Best  [Read More…]

Movie Studios iTunes Rival UltraViolet Gets Black Eye From Angry Consumers

Photo by bindermichi – http://flic.kr/p/6MXboC

Heres a Hollywood marketing tactic we never thought of: Create an iTunes alternative so roundly despised that youre forced to send angry consumers to iTunes. And you wonder why your DVD player is gathering dust?   Warner Bros. is handing out iTunes coupon codes to the studios Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 on disc. Designed to highlight Ultraviolet Hollywoods answer to  [Read More…]

Apple Popular With 21% of Chinese Consumers If Only They Could Afford the Brand

Photo by triplefivechina – http://flic.kr/p/9B6Fba

Apple is in the cat bird seat when it comes to dominating personal computer sales in China. More than 20 percent of Chinese consumers looking to buy a computer want an Apple, a new survey finds. Theres just one hitch: few of Chinas citizens are willing to pay more than $ 1,000. A couple interesting data points are out today: first, China has overtaken  [Read More…]