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Watch, And Control, Your Energy Consumption Like A Hawk With Belkin’s WeMo Insight

  Joining Belkin’s armada of WeMo home-automation devices today is the WeMo Insight Switch. Like the plain-vanilla WeMo Switch, the Insight Switch will let you power on or off whatever is connected to its outlet via the WeMo iOS or… Read more ›     

Your Next MacBook Could Be Even Thinner As Intel Works To Cut Processor Power Consumption

Apple’s future notebooks could be even thinner as Intel works to “significantly” reduce the power consumption of its future Ivy Bridge processors. The company’s existing chips — like those installed in today’s MacBook Air — are rated at 17 watts, but sources say the new version will be well below this.

That means the chip won’t require as much battery power to keep it ticking over. In turn, batteries can become smaller,  [Read More…]

LTE iPhone 5 Will Double iOS Data Consumption Says Analysts


When the iPhone originally launched in 2007, AT&T was shocked by how much data users consumed and it crippled their networks. Once 3G was added to the iPhone, data consumption predictably increased, but now that we’re on the cusps of seeing an LTE iPhone 5, one analyst firm is predicting the iPhone 5 will double data consumption.

Validas, an�analysts�firm in mobile intelligence, has been tracking mobile usage data of hundreds of  [Read More…]