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Moga’s Ace Power, The World’s First iOS 7 Compatible Game Controller, Is Here

  If you’re a hardcore gamer who has never quite gotten over the fact that your iPhone doesn’t have a D-pad, Moga has just made available for purchase the first iOS 7 compatible game controller, the Ace Power. But you…Read more ›    [Read More…]

The Cave Is Great In Theory But Desperately Needs A Controller [Review]

Some games just aren’t meant for touch screens, and it’s very unfortunate that The Cave is one of them. In developer Double Fine’s dark look at inner desires and magical caves, you guide three of the seven available “heroes” through…Read more ›

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Compelling Retro Dungeon-Crawler Heroes Of Loot Plays Even Better With A Controller [Review]

Heroes of LootSometimes, mindless dungeon crawling, at least within a video game, is good. I’ve never actually crawled a real dungeon, to be honest. While I love deep, story-based games, sometimes I just want to roll around pixel-based catacombs, corridors, and rooms, bashing or blasting hordes of baddies as they converge upon my location. Developer OrangePixel (Gunslugs, […]

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First Sight Of iOS 7 Controller Support In The Wild: AVP: Evolution

iOS 7 Controller supportTouchArcade found this little addition in the latest update to Fox Digital Entertainment’s AVP: Evolution, a note in the update features list that claims iOS 7 Controller support. This is the first note of such support we’ve heard of in any iOS game, but it’s likely we’ll see a veritable flood of support in the […]

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Gameloft’s $80 Duo Gamer Controller Is Now Just $6 On Amazon

Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 13.00.17Remember Gameloft’s $80 Duo Gamer Controller? It was launched in October 2012 and it brought physical controls to our favorite Gameloft games on iOS — but it had a number of major flaws. The biggest one was that it was only compatible with Gameloft games, and that made its $80 price tag all the more […]

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Much Anticipated Leap Motion Controller Reports 25K SDK, 1M Compatible Apps Downloaded

It's like magic!Remember the Leap Motion hands-free controller for Mac that everyone went on and on about how cool it was going to be? The one that got delayed until July? Well, it’s been three weeks now since it actually started shipping, and the team behind the Mac-based motion controller are reporting some significant numbers, including 25,000 […]

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Leap Motion Controller Availability Delayed, Won’t Be In Retail Stores Until July

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b4w749Tud8?rel=0]

The hardware controller for Leap Motion’s futuristic gesture tech was slated to arrive in stores on May 19th.  Now Leap Motion is having to delay its public release until July 27th. The reason for the delay is the need for more beta testing and integration with partners who will support the gesture-based platform.

In case you haven’t seen any of the demos, Leap Motion is incredibly cool. It allows you to control your Mac using Minority Report-style hand  [Read More…]

Apple Working On Physical Game Controller For iOS Devices [Updated]

Apple could makes this look not so archaic.

Apple could make this look not so archaic.

iOS is the most popular gaming platform in existence, and Apple has managed to create an incredible ecosystem of titles with only iOS devices. The company sells no actual controllers or joypads; everything is touch-based.

So does it make sense for Apple to make a physical game controller that somehow connects to your iPhone and iPad? According  [Read More…]

Leap Motion Controller For Mac Will Hit Best Buy March 19th, Come With Its Own App Store


The Leap Motion controller could very well be the future of modern desktop computing. It could also just be a really cool invention that is too ahead of its time. We’ll find out in the near future. An exact shipping date has been announced.

After previously saying that it would ship in early 2013, the folks behind Leap Motion have confirmed that the device will start shipping on March 13th to  [Read More…]

Clear For Mac Will Work With Futuristic Leap Motion Controller [Video]

Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.41.06 AM

Last summer we went hands-on with the Leap Motion, a futuristic controller for the Mac that lets you interact with OS X apps like Tom Cruise in Minority Report. It was a stunning experience, and it made the mouse and trackpad feel suddenly obsolete.

Developers have been flocking to the Leap platform since last year, and now Realmac Software has a big announcement to make.

The  [Read More…]