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HP is convinced its new laptop will be a MacBook-beater

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, but a rival tech company is invoking Apple’s name when it comes to claiming its latest products are going to be the greatest yet created. This time it’s HP, which is set to unveil a new notebook this week that many predict will be even slimmer than […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Steve Jobs had to be convinced that multi-touch was the future

Steve Jobs may have had an astonishing ability to predict where tech was going next, but he very nearly missed out on the iPhone and iPad altogether. That’s because — according to a quote from Jony Ive in today’s freshly-released biography, Becoming Steve…Read more ›

Jimmy Iovine dishes on how he convinced Apple to buy Beats

GQ Magazine has named Apple exec and Beats cofounder Jimmy Iovine as one its Men of the Year. To go with the yearly honors, the music legend sat down for an interview to discuss how he went from weeping floors…Read more ›

How a Reddit user convinced Tim Cook to change Apple’s on-hold music

When you’re a company the size of Apple (whose co-founder Steve Jobs famously made comments about how it’s not the job of users to know what they want) you’d be forgiven for thinking they don’t listen to the little guy.…Read more ›

How Coke Versus Pepsi Convinced Steve Jobs To Invest In Laser Printers [Video]

Apple products have been the go-to brand for creatives for decades, but when Apple was in its infancy Steve Jobs laid the groundwork by heavily investing in a printer of all things. It was the Laserwriter I that cemented Apple…Read more ›    [Read More…]

One Manufacturer Is So Convinced By Leaked iPhone Images That Hes Already Making Cases For It

One manufacturer is convinced your next iPhone will look like this.

Ive lost count of how many iPhone 5? images weve seen in the last few weeks, but until Apple unveils the device itself, its hard to be sure any of them are genuine. But one manufacturer is taking a huge gamble on them. Hes so convinced by these images that hes already producing and selling cases for the sixth-generation  [Read More…]

Meet iPadre: Q&A with priest who convinced the Vatican they need an app for that

Father Paolo Padrini is the Italian priest who developed iBrevary, an app that puts morning prayer, evening prayer and night prayers on the iPhone. It was the first iPhone application sanctioned by the Holy Roman Church, Padrini also works with thePontifical Council for Social Communications. Cult of Mac talked to him about whats next app-wise and what place religious apps have in iTunes. [Read More…]