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Cookie Monster gets real behind the scenes of Siri ad

We loved that recent Siri ad starring the lovable Muppet, Cookie Monster. And a new video gives us more with some mock behind-the-scenes footage. In the original spot, Cookie Monster used Siri’s hands-free functionality to set a timer while his delicious cookies baked. And he even asked the digital assistant to play some tunes on […]

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Cookie Monster & Siri Pitch the iPhone in Fun New Apple Commercial [Video]

Apple has started running a fun new iPhone commercial focusing on the hands-free Hey Siri feature, as it’s being used by none other than Cookie Monster from Sesame Street fame. In the TV advertisement, Cookie Monster is making cookies (of course) and uses Hey Siri to set a timer on his iPhone 6S for the … Read More

Siri tortures Cookie Monster in new iPhone 6s ad

A new iPhone 6s ad subjects the lovable Cookie Monster to his worst fate imaginable: having to wait for a pan of his favorite treats to bake. It’s a cute spot that’s meant to show off Siri’s hands-free mode, which lets users activate the digital assistant by saying “Hey, Siri” at any time. But it […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Oreo’s new cookie takes a bite out of Apple’s playbook

Every summer Oreo comes out with a crazy new limited edition cookie to get you to stuff your face with more delicious cream filling. This year’s no different except instead of using watermelon, birthday cake, or lemon creme filling to…Read more ›

ICYMI: Baking the perfect cookie at CES 2015

The Cult of Mac team spent the past week sweating it out in Las Vegas and gathered up a ton of hands-on looks at some of the hottest products heading down the tech conveyor belt to you in the near…Read more ›

Science takes the guesswork out of baking the perfect cookie

LAS VEGAS — For more than 10 years, Michael Wallace and Darin Barri were toy designers. Depressed about plummeting sales because of video games, the pair went on a week long bender to drown their sorrows. They both loved lychee martinis, which…Read more ›

This Man Was Pulled Over For Talking On An iPhone-Shaped Cookie

Here’s a funny idea with a high potential to go wrong: bake a batch of cookies in the shape of iPhones, drive around pretending to talk on them, and then when you inevitably get pulled over, take a bite, look…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Tiny GPS Cookie Logger Runs On AAA Batteries And Uses MicroSD Cards

Richard Haberkern’s new GPS Cookie looks like a great little data logger for photographers, and a nice tracker for bikers, hikers and vacationers. It’s a tiny little puck which does nothing but detect GPS satellites and record it’s location periodically,…Read more ›

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