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Learn to make hot wet rice with a $2000 gadget on the funniest cooking show ever

If you’ve been longing for a cooking show with smart writing, attractive hosts, and a ton of sexual innuendo, look no further than The Katering Show, where Aussies Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney smile for the camera while comparing too-expensive…Read more ›

If Cupertino’s cooking up an Apple car, here are the features we want

If Apple really is working on a car, what would it look like? And what would we want it to look like and do? The growing chorus of rumors about Apple’s possible automotive ambitions — and the hard facts about…Read more ›

Cooking with Your iPad or iPhone? Follow These 3 Simple Kitchen Tips

Many of us use our iPhones and iPads in the kitchen to assist with recipes or even entertainment while cooking, and they work wonderfully for this purpose. But electronics and turkey gravy don’t mix well, and to have a hassle free experience you’ll want to follow a few simple tips to help prevent frustrations, a … Read More

Instagram brings you world’s shortest cooking show

Bart van Olphen thinks he can conquer your fear of cooking fish if you’ll just give him 15 seconds. The seafood chef from Amsterdam uses Instagram’s relatively new video feature for Fish Tales, which is probably the world’s fastest cooking…Read more ›

Apple Has Something Cooking In The Fingerprint Sensor Department


What would make the next iPhone truly exciting? That’s what people are wondering. A lighter body, better camera, and iOS 7 probably won’t cut it for most. How will Apple deliver the pizazz we’ve all grown accustomed to?

Software is always evolving, and Apple has arguably the best software experience out there for mobile devices, period. But unfortunately software by itself isn’t that exciting. You need new hardware. Now it looks like  [Read More…]

Mastering The iPhone To Be A Better Lover: Cooking [iOS Tips]

Made with lurve. And caramel.

Made with lurve. And caramel.

Anyone knows that the key to anyone’s heart is their stomach, gender stereotypes be damned. If you can make that special someone the perfect meal, you’re way closer to being a better lover than someone who has to continually order out. Making a meal for another human being is a delight for both the cook and the recipient, feeding both mind and soul,  [Read More…]

Protect an iPad While Cooking By Keeping it Safe in a Plastic Bag

Cooking with an iPad, using a zip lock bag as screen protection

The iPad is a great cooking tool that’s perfect for keeping track of recipes and being the ultimate kitchen resource, but if you’ve ever cooked with an iPad you’ll know the screen can get pretty mucked up with various ingredients, and if you aren’t careful it could even damage the device. Thankfully, another kitchen item can completely prevent the  [Read More…]

Apple CEO Cooking Up Big Business During Surprise Visit to China

Apple didn’t announce that its CEO would be heading to China anytime soon, but there’s photographic evidence to prove he’s already there. According to reports published Monday out of the far east, Tim Cook turned up at the Joy City Apple Store in Beijing this morning. Although it would have been relatively humorous had Cook accidentally wandered into a fake Apple store, we understand he found his way to the right place. But as far  [Read More…]