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Apple named coolest wearables brand over Samsung, Rolex, Ralph Lauren

Apple Watch is by far the most successful smartwatch to date in terms of sales, so perhaps it’s no surprise that Apple has been voted the “coolest wearables brand” by smartphone users. The Cupertino company not only beat technology rivals like Samsung and LG to the top of the list, but also high-end watchmakers and fashion brands like TAG Heuer, […]

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Take a tour of OS X El Capitan’s coolest new features

OS X El Capitan has arrived, and it’s a free for most Mac users, making the decision to upgrade super simple. Once you have it installed, there are some awesome new features you have to try out. See them all in action in our video tour below. To upgrade your Mac to OS X El Capitan, simply open […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Awesome gift ideas for the coolest creatives

A Mac is the ultimate tool for creatives — you’ll find Apple computers littered throughout graphic design houses, music and video studios, marketing agencies and newsrooms. Chances are, if you know a creative, you know a Mac user. So, what are…Read more ›

Apple beats Aston Martin to be named ‘Coolest Brand’

Following on from a great weekend for its iPhone 6 and 6 Plus handsets, Apple has been named the coolest brand in Britain for the third year running. The CoolBrands list is voted for by 2,000 consumers, alongside a panel…Read more ›

The 10 coolest companies founded by ex-Apple employees

The 10 coolest things to do at WWDC 2014

Hipstamatic’s Director of Fun has coolest job ever, but don’t hate him for it

SAN FRANCISCO — Even in a town populated by ninjas, gurus and rockstars, Mario Estrada may have the coolest job around. He’s the Director of Fun for digital photo app Hipstamatic and hopes you won’t hate him for it. “Most…Read more ›

Why This iPhone Controlled Airplane Is The Coolest Toy Ever

In the words of Family Guy, are iPhone-controlled model planes “a thing” now? It was only September when we reported on the PowerUp 3.0 iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane — speculating that it may well be “the coolest toy ever“. Well, what…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iPhone-Controlled Paper Airplane: The Coolest Toy Ever?

powerup-paper-airplane-xlIs nothing sacred? I had thought that paper airplanes might be the last holdout for fully-analog toys. After all, all you need is a sheet of paper, a pair of functioning hands and a place to throw stuff. Even in jail these things can be found, and while your first attempts might not fly so […]

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Why Is This $480 Stand So Shockingly Expensive, and Why is Its Seemingly Coolest Feature Free? [Kickstarter]



This is the Scandock, a $ 480 stand that turns your iPhone or Android handset into a better scanner. There are already some great scanner apps out there — here’s an iOS example, and here’s one for Android, both of which are around $ 5. The Scandock is almost a whopping 100 times more expensive, but claims improved results.

How? The stand incorporates four main features: a lighting system to  [Read More…]