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Samsung Swears They Didnt Copy Apple Even Though Their Store Looks Just Like An Apple Store

Big glass walls? Check. Wood product tables with open layout. Check. Minamilist design. Check. Retail staff wearing blue t-shirts. Check. This isn’t an Apple Store though, it’s the newest Samsung Experience store that just opened in Sydney where visitors can play with all the greatest smartphones, tablets, and laptops on the planet made by Samsung.

The store looks a lot like the inside of an Apple Store that’s just a short walk  [Read More…]

Help Us Turn Mac Guy Into A Meme And Win A Free Copy Of FieldRunners 2! [Contest]

Apple’s newest Mac ads have caused quite a stir with people loving and hating them. Whatever your feelings are on the “Mac Guy” we think he�has some glorious Meme potential, but we need your help to turn it into an Internet success.

This week we want you to create your own Mac Guy meme. Share the link to it in the comments of this article and you’ll be entered to win one  [Read More…]

Apple Reveals 2005 Purple iPhone Prototype To Show It Didnt Copy Sony

The patent war between Apple and Samsung is just starting to heat up, with both tech giants scheduled to appear in U.S. court today. Apple accused Samsung of copying the iPhone and iPad back in April 2011, and Samsung countersued with similar accusations. In the months leading up to the trial, there have been treasure troves of previously hidden information uncovered, including hundreds of early iPhone and iPad prototype designs.

One design  [Read More…]

FullScreen for iPad Gets iOS 5 Support; Win A Copy for Yourself!

FullScreen for iPad lets you browse through Mobile Safari in full screen mode, but it also does more.

The iPad has a very large screen, unlike the iPhone and iPod touch. For many, that means that they want to get extra use out of the available pixels. If you are one of those people, then�FullScreen for iPad�might be just what you are looking for. It’s a tweak made by�Yllier�that lets you toggle full screen browsing whenever  [Read More…]

Get iOS-Style Copy & Paste On Your Mac Thanks To This Awesome Utility From Pilotmoon

Last week, we published a video how-to that demonstrated a number of simple ways you can make Mac OS X look and act more like iOS. To be added to that list is an awesome new utility from Pilotmoon that makes the copy & paste function on your Mac look just like the copy & paste function on your iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

The�utility�is called PopClip and it�s available now  [Read More…]

[Review] Copy Something On One Device, Paste it On Another!

With CloudPaste, you can copy something on one device, and paste it on another one; all with iCloud.

How would you like it if you could copy something from one device and paste it on another? Not only iDevices, but your Mac too!? With this new jailbreak tweak dubbed CloudPaste, by�Florian Denis, you can do just that.

CloudPaste uses Apple’s very own iCloud to keep a constant availability in the background of everything that you copy  [Read More…]

New Xbox 360 Update Preview Program Begins, All Testers Will Get Free Halo: Reach Copy Sign Up Now!

When Microsoft is getting ready to push a new Dashboard update out to our beloved Xbox 360s, the Redmond outfit likes to have a few guinea pigs. You know, a few people to test the new software out in the wild before we get our greasy mits on it. Today they launched a new preview program and you can sign up right now.

Before you all rush on over to the sign-up  [Read More…]