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Luxury watchmakers clamp down on smartwatch copycats

That fancy Rolex face you’ve downloaded for your smartwatch won’t be available for much longer if luxury watchmakers get their way. A number of the world’s leading watch brands are clamping down on copycat faces designed for smartwatches and hope to get them…Read more ›

Apple copycats put off by its sapphire woes

The start of any innovative business should be identifying a service that the current market leader in the sector is not supplying. With Apple’s failure to provide sapphire displays for its latest iPhones — thanks to the spectacular collapse of now-bankrupt supplier GT…Read more ›

Game Of Clones: Threes Developer Slams ‘Rip-Off’ Copycats

It’s become a begrudgingly accepted part of the App Store that the moment a popular game appears, the clones roll in with miniscule differences. While most of us laughed at some of the ridiculous variations that emerged for a popular…Read more ›    [Read More…]

How Google Glass Copycats Will Plunge You Into Interactive 3-D World [Video]

Helped along by a sci-fi-style concept video, a new Google Glass competitor called the Atheer One shot halfway to its $ 100,000 crowd-funding goal in just a day. “In a few years, the digital world with all its rich information will…Read more ›    [Read More…]