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Twitch cracks down on copyrighted music after Google takeover

Having shut down Justin.tv on the back of a reported $ 1 billion Google acquisition, live video game streaming service Twitch is now blocking copyrighted music. Twitch uses software called Audible Magic which scans videos for music that is owned or…Read more ›

Apple Sued For Using Copyrighted Photo In An iPhone Ad

Apple’s no stranger to lawsuits, but this one’s a bit bizarre: a New York photographer is suing Cupertino for using one of her copyrighted photos in an iPhone advertisement. But does she have a case?   The photographer is named Taea Thale, who took a photograph of the band members behind “She and Him”… a band that Apple featured in an advertisement last year for the iPhone 3GS. During this ad, Thale’s photographs pops up after the iPhone model loads  [Read More…]