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Apple Hires Rolls Royce Director To Bolster Corporate Communications Overseas [Rumor]

You can keep the Phantom, Apple.

You can keep the Phantom.

As Apple continues to expand its presence internationally, the company has reportedly created a new executive position for handling business affairs in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. An unverified report claims that Josh Rosenstock, former Director of External Communications for luxury car maker Rolls Royce, has been hired to fill the spot.

“One source with knowledge of the move said the ‘heavyweight’  [Read More…]

Is Apples Genius Bar The Future Of The Corporate Help Desk?

Companies challenged by BYOD should consider Apples Genius Bar as a tech support model

One of concerns for IT departments as first iPhones and then iPads and other consumer-focused technologies began creeping into the workplace is how to support the personal devices and apps of employees. That issue took center stage this week as security vendor Fortinet identified that most millennial workers feel that support and security for their mobile  [Read More…]

The Note New Corporate Hires Get Their First Day at Apple

Attached above is the letter Apple greets recent corporate hires with on their first day of work. The letter can be interpreted a few ways: 1. This is the inspirational beginning of something special and the culmination of years of schooling and professional experience. The work will be challenging, but game changing and the compensation makes iit worth it. 2. This is your indoctrination into the Jobsian way of life. You will be over worked  [Read More…]

Survey: Apple to Claim 84% of Corporate Market Share Among Tablet Buyers

In a very short period of time, Apple went from being the company the makes “tech toys” to the company that makes leading technologies for the enterprise sector. As the business folks who once exclusively patronized the BlackBerry chuck their RIM devices as fast as shares of AAPL are rising, the iPad is on pace to dominate – and we mean dominate – the corporate market to an unprecedented degree this year. The latest report  [Read More…]

Apples Corporate Imitators are Borrowing, Not Stealing

Apples recent quarterly earnings demonstrated insane success. As a result, failing companies like Sony and J.C. Penny have suddenly reorganized their missions to copy Apple. Unfortunately, they will fail, because they dont understand why Apple succeeds. Why AppleSucceeds Apple earned $46.3 billion dollars in the last quarter of 2011. And of that $13.1 billion was profit. Big numbers like those are meaningless without comparison.For example, Apples profits in the 4th quarter  [Read More…]

Author of Inside Apple Talks Apple Corporate Culture and Secrecy [Video]

Adam Lashinsky, the author of the newly released book Inside Apple: How Americas Most Admired and Secretive Company Really Works, recently appeared on an episode of InDay Speaker Series to discuss his work. The interview is about 50 minutes long and covers the corporate culture of Apple, how some internal processes work, and their legendary secrecy. If youre interested in the business side of Apple, its worth watching the video below: Inside Apple is available from Amazon.com for  [Read More…]

Apple to Increase Penetration of Corporate Market in 2012

According to the Global Tech Market Outlook for 2012 and 2013 thatForresterrecently published, it appears that Apple and not cloud computing will be reshaping the computing equipment market. With an increasing number of people using Apple products, the study cited the adoption of iPad and Macs among professionals as proof that Apple is dramatically disrupting the corporate market. The corporate market was traditionally dominated by Microsoft, Dell, Lenovo, and HP but this no longer seems  [Read More…]

Apple Among Few Tech Giants Paying Fair Corporate Taxes [Report]

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Dont look for the Occupy movement to picket Apple. The iPhone maker is among just a few tech companies paying their fair share of corporate taxes. According to a report released Thursday, Apple paid a 31 percent tax rate. By comparison, the likes of HP, Yahoo and Amazon.com appeared to have paid less than half the 35 percent corporate rate or  [Read More…]