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The Cult of Mac gift list, optimized for maximum cool at minimum cost [Deals]

‘Tis the season to freak out over what to get for the tech savvy folks in our lives. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the vast variety of gadgets and gear on offer these days, especially if you’re on a budget, which is why we’ve put together this list of five deals on some of […]

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Learning to build 20 iOS games will cost you 20 bucks with this lesson bundle [Deals]

If you think playing games is satisfying, try making them. Actually, try making 20. This bundle of four mobile game-making lessons from StackSkills usually goes for over $ 2,000. But right now the whole thing is just $ 20 at Cult of Mac Deals. Receive another 10% off with coupon code EARLY10. The lessons start with math […]

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Here’s how much iPhone 6s will cost around the world

Just because you can buy the same model of iPhone 6s all over the world doesn’t mean that you’ll be paying the same for it. When international prices are converted into U.S. dollars, some markets pay up to 30 percent more for the basic 16GB iPhone 6s than customers in the United States. The country […]

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Having a hot demo at an Apple keynote comes at a cost

When Apple sends its millions of followers your way, you’d better be ready! That’s the lesson learned by mobile health developer AirStrip Technologies, which reports that it was unprepared for the stampede of digital feet which came after its Apple Watch demo at yesterday’s keynote. “Our website was crashed within seconds,” AirStrip CEO Alan Portela […]

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Apple TV streaming service could cost more than $40

Apple’s big event on September 9th is expected to include the unveiling of a redesigned Apple TV, but if you were hoping to get a taste of the company’s long rumored over-the-top TV subscription service, you’ll have to wait a little while longer. Negotiations between Apple and content providers have stalled according to a new report […][Read More…]

School selling hundreds of Apple devices for a fraction of their cost

A Michigan school district is selling off close to 800 iMacs, MacBooks and iPads for astonishingly low prices, ranging from $ 50-$ 100. The schools are currently in the process of upgrading their classroom technology, and made the decision to sell off the old equipment instead of adding it to the tons of unwanted computers and other gadgets […][Read More…]

Crazy iPhone 8 concept will cost you twice as much when it breaks

The iPhone 6s is on the way, but that’s not going to stop forward-looking Apple watchers from speculating about future phones — like, say, 2018’s iPhone 8. Alongside regularly-demanded features like wireless charging, designer Jermaine Smit has come up with…Read more ›

Apple Music’s cool free features will cost Android users $10 per month

Steve Jobs hated Android so much he once said Apple would never make an iTunes app for Android because he didn’t want to do anything that would make Android users happy. At yesterday’s WWDC keynote, Tim Cook sang a different…Read more ›

Buying a guided tour of Apple HQ will only cost you $50,000

Apple’s new spaceship campus is scheduled to be completed late next year, but before 12,000 employees take over the new mothership, you can take a guided tour of Apple’s current headquarters, if you’ve got enough funds. A new CharityBuzz auction…Read more ›

Apple Watch Sport may cost less than $85 in components

Tim Cook told investors on Monday to not even try to guess how much Apple’s supply chain costs are, but that’s not stopping some analysts from trying to determine the cost of Apple Watch components IHS Technology toredown the 38mm…Read more ›