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The iPad Mini 2 Could Cost $249 [Rumor]


At $ 329, the iPad mini is Apple’s cheapest iPad by far… but compared to $ 199 and $ 249 Android tablets, it’s still pricy in the 7-inch markets.

That might change, though. A new rumor suggests that Apple will release the iPad mini 2 for the low, low price of $ 249.

The report comes from Citi Research, who don’t seem to have a lot of evidence to go by.  [Read More…]

Drinking Coffee With Tim Cook Will Cost You $50,000 But It’s For A Good Cause



If you dream of chilling with your homie Tim Cook in the morning and grabbing coffee but never had the chance to meet Silicon Valley’s most powerful CEO, then here’s your chance.

Tim Cook is auctioning off 30min-1hour of his time for CharityBuzz.com. Proceeds go to support the RFK Center for Justice and Human Rights, and you’ll get to hangout with Tim at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino. Who knows. Maybe if  [Read More…]

Samsung Wi-Fi Galaxy Camera Will Cost Almost $600

TS520x0~cms posts 5821902581 Samsung Galaxy camera

There seem to be two ways to make a Wi-Fi-enabled camera. The first is to build an actual camera and add a Wi-Fi radio. The second is to make an iPod Touch with a decent 5MP camera module inside. Depending on your requirements, either one can be great.

But there now appears to be a third way. Samsung has taken a camera, added an Android phone, and then  [Read More…]

Take That, EE! Three U.K. Will Give Customers 4G Access At No Additional Cost


EE launched the United Kingdom’s first 4G LTE network back in October 2012, and with it came some pretty expensive price plans; the carrier has certainly been taking advantage of the fact that it has the U.K.’s only 4G network. But that approach is going to be spoiled by rival carrier Three.

Already the cheapest of all the U.K.’s major providers, Three is looking to maintain its position by promising its customers  [Read More…]

An Apple Maps Glitch Has Cost This Restaurant $50,000


Apple Maps has been the butt of an exhausting number of bad jokes. People in Australia have been stranded in the outback thanks to Scott Forstall’s mishap.

For most of us, glitches in Apple Maps are just a minor inconvenience and you can just switch over to Google Maps when you have a problem. But for one restaurant in Portland, Oregon, Apple Maps has cost them about $ 50,000 worth of business since it was released  [Read More…]

Microsoft’s True iPad Killer Will Cost Nearly As Much As A MacBook Air


The first Microsoft Surface RT tablets were supposed to be Redmond’s answer to the iPad. They have a cool design, with a fancy keyboard and an innovative new operating system to boot. Sales have been abysmal. The reviews were bad. And we weren’t too impressed either.

Microsoft swears that the Surface Pro is going to be way better though. It’s going to actually run a full version of Windows 8, meaning it will have  [Read More…]

AT&T Will Finally Let You FaceTime Your Friends Over Cellular For No Extra Cost


Back in September, Apple announced that iPhone owners would now be able to make FaceTime calls over cellular, rather than requiring a WiFi connection at all times. AT&T has been dragging their feet over the manner and still haven’t let people FaceTime over cellular, until now.

AT&T announced today that they are expanding access to the FaceTime over Cellular feature that was launched in September. After a lot of testing, they think  [Read More…]

Apple Already In Carrier Talks Over Its Budget iPhone, Which Will Cost Around $99 [Rumor]

Apple iPhone

Rumors surrounding an upcoming low-cost iPhone have really taken off this week, with The Wall Street Journal reporting on Tuesday that the device could make its debut before the end of 2013. Now Bloomberg is corroborating that with information from its own sources, who say Apple is already discussing the device with at least one of the major U.S. carriers. They also claim that the handset will cost between $ 99 and $  [Read More…]

Why An iPad Mini With Retina Display Would Have Cost $379 [Feature]

This could have cost $ 379. Image via CNET.

Although the iPad mini is well-reviewed, a constant complaint that has been leveled against Apple’s smallest tablet is that the display isn’t Retina. In fact, in my review of the iPad mini, I could barely see past the terrible fuziness of the on-screen text, and considered it an otherwise perfect device’s Achilles’ Heel.

Over the last day or so, a lot of thinkers  [Read More…]

The Human Cost Of The iPad Mini Involves Explosions, Chemical Smells, And Unpaid Overtime

Each time Apple releases a shiny new device lusted after by consumers across the globe, workers at Chinese factory manufacturers pay the price more than anyone who waits in line at an Apple Store for five hours to shell out $ 329.

As soon as production of an Apple product goes into launch mode, Chinese factory workers get hit by a wave of chemical fumes, 12-hour work shifts, unpaid overtime, and even  [Read More…]