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Amazon’s unsold Fire Phones are costing it $170 million

During its earnings call yesterday Amazon gave some clues about just how spectacularly its Fire Phone business is tanking — making it seem one of the worst tech ideas since the RMS Titanic shipped without lifeboats. How bad are we talking?…Read more ›

T-Mobile: Lack of iPhone 4S Costing Us Subscribers

Photo by Scoobyfoo – http://flic.kr/p/36jTkj

The inability to sell the iPhone is hurting T-Mobile USA. The only one of four U.S. carriers not offering the Apple smartphone, T-Mobile announced it saw a drop in new subscribers due to the iPhone 4S launching at Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T in October.   The carrier added 126,000 customers during the third quarter, down from 137,000 new subscribers who joined the carrier during  [Read More…]

Android Phones Are Pieces Of Crap Costing Telecoms $2 Billion A Year To Replace [Study]

Think Android phones are pieces of junk? Now youve got the data to prove it. A recent study has conclusively proven Android phones are much more prone to breaking than iPhones and even BlackBerries, and their cheapness is costing telecoms big: up to $ 2 billion a year, in fact.   The issue, says wireless services firm WDS, is the surfeit of cheap Android phones aimed at the low end  [Read More…]

The Dumb Mistake That Ended Up Costing Steve Jobs $29 Billion

Steve Jobs is already richer than most of us can ever dream. Hes worth more than 8 billion dollars according to the most recent estimates. But he could be richer. A lot richer. In fact, a single mistake once cost Steve more than twenty nine billion dollars.   Back in the early days of Apple, Steve Jobs invested $ 1,500 to get started. All well and good, but when Apple  [Read More…]