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iPhone SE only costs Apple $160 to build

When it comes to building iPhones, it really pays to use old parts. The iPhone SE only costs Apple about $ 160 to build and assemble, based on the latest findings from an IHS teardown that discovered one the display, Apple cut costs down to less than half by using the same four-inch screen found on […]

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Foxconn is cutting costs as Chinese smartphone market slows

Apple supplier Foxconn is reportedly cutting costs and widening its margins to keep ahead of the pack as the Chinese smartphone market slows, according to a new report. Although Foxconn’s CEO Terry Gou has been outspoken about his desire to not rely too heavily on any one company, Foxconn currently gets around half of its […][Read More…]

This $1,000 case costs more than the iPhone it’s designed to protect

Given that your smartphone case is supposed to be there to stop you accidentally damaging the expensive electronic device underneath it, it seems slightly bonkers to spend more on protecting your  iPhone than you do on the iPhone itself. That’s exactly what…Read more ›

Tidal adds family plans, still costs more than Apple Music

Jay Z’s music service, Tidal, is still trying to keep up with Apple Music, but instead of offering a new differentiating feature, the music streamer is playing catch up by coming out with Family plans of its own. Tidal subscribers…Read more ›

The one place in the world where an iPhone 6 costs $47,678

If you think a new iPhone costs a pretty penny where you live, spare a moment of thought for the poor folks of Venezuela — a.k.a. the most expensive iPhone market in the world. Due to a combination of limited…Read more ›

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge costs more to make than an iPhone 6

Samsung has proven with the new Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge that it really can make a premium smartphone that looks and feels like it is worthy of a high price tag. The S6 Edge is so premium, in fact, that…Read more ›

This is how much it costs to upgrade from Apple zero to Apple hero

Assume, for a moment, you’ve always been an Android guy but yesterday’s spintastic Apple Watch presentation sent you over the edge. Now you’re a freshly minted Apple fanboy with money to burn, and you want to go from zero to…Read more ›

The most expensive Apple Watch Edition costs $17,000

Not satisfied with just having a regular gold Apple Watch for $ 10,000? The Apple Store just came back online, revealing that you can actually spend a whopping $ 17,000 on two of the 18-karat Rose Gold watches. Fashionistas can grab the…Read more ›

How much every Apple Watch band costs

The Apple Online Store is back up and, along with revealing how exorbitantly expensive the Apple Watch Edition will be, Apple has laid out the prices for its various watch bands. Right now the Apple Store carries a variety of…Read more ›

Sexy sci-fi car gets 84 mpg, costs less than a Mac Pro

LAS VEGAS — It’s hard to say what’s most amazing about Elio Motors’ three-wheeled car: its sexy frame, its extreme fuel efficiency or its jaw-dropping $ 6,800 price tag. That princely sum — a little less than a 12-core Mac Pro…Read more ›