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These t-shirts are for Apple geeks who like super-soft cotton

Cyril Pavillard has a dossier that reads like most tech entrepreneurs. Start a company, enjoy success, sell for profit, repeat. So what is he doing now in the t-shirt business? One, he wants to appeal to worldwide Apple fans with his line of A-Shirts with designs that pay homage to great Cupertino products and geniuses. […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple looks to put on a “friendlier” PR face post Katie Cotton

Now that Katie Cotton, Apple’s longtime head of corporate communication, has retired, Tim Cook is on the hunt for a “friendly, more approachable” face to head its PR going forward. According to Re/code, Apple is looking outside of the company for high-profile…Read more ›

Misleading Corduroy Nano Case Made From Silicone, Not Cotton

Here’s a practical case for you. It’s called the Corduroy Clip Case, and — while only half of its name is true — it does appear like the perfect way to both carry your iPod and make yourself look like a kind of creepy, Robin Williams-esque man-child.

The Corduroy is — presumably — named for the raised lines which resemble the ridges on the famous cotton  [Read More…]