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Whether you call them anthologies, omnibuses or portmanteaus, the idea is the same: These are films composed of a series of shorter plots with a “frame” connecting them (usually somebody telling the stories to an incredulous audience). This is one… Read more ›

  Mobile AirDesk by Slate Category: Portable laptop desk Works With: MacBook, iPad mini, iPhone Price: $ 129.99 Back when the Mobile AirDesk was just a Kickstarter gleam in the eye of design entrepreneur Nathan Mummert, Cult of Mac featured this project… Read more ›     


Flex by FitBit Category: Fitness Works With: iPhone 5, Mac Price: $ 100

The FitBit Flex is a $ 99 rubber band you wear around your wrist to track how many steps you’ve taken every day. It connects via Bluetooth to your iPhone, or through a dongle to your Mac. If you are utterly sedentary, it’s a fantastic gadget that may very well encourage you to make some slight adjustments to your  [Read More…]

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Kicking off this week’s must-have apps roundup is EverClip for iPad, a terrific tool that lets you “clip” almost anything to Evernote, so that you can’t forget them. We also have a wonderful new music player for the iPad, the new Star Wars Pinball game, and more.

EverClip for iPad — iPad ($ 5.99)


Charlie wrote about EverClip for iPad  [Read More…]

If you had asked me yesterday what I thought a “couch player” might be, I would have guessed that it was some stoner kid sat at home in his parents living room, checking the price of Glocks online and listening to bad hip hop.

But that was yesterday. If you asked me right now, I’d tell your that Couch Player is an awesome new music player for the iPad.

The iPad has been  [Read More…]


You probably made a lot of New Years resolutions to get off your butt and work out. You probably said you were gonna work out five times a day. Maybe more. Maybe you said you’re going to do one of those cool juice diet cleanses with a side of anorexia.

For those of us who made all these exercise goals, but are still binging on cheeseburgers, there’s an amazing  [Read More…]

The Larklife fitness gadget doesn’t just lifelessly track all the mundane details of your life, like calories burned, miles trudged and hours snoozed away. No, this little thing actually learns your habits and tells you, in realtime, exactly what you should do to make yourself healthier.

the bracelet core wears a sweatproof wrap during the day; at night, you can slip it into a soft “pajama-inspired” band to track your sleep activity.  [Read More…]

Compuware APM has shown an intriguing graph that shows a new trend in shopping this holiday season. It’s a little something researchers are calling “couch commerce” at its finest. Shopping via the web has obviously increased lately and according to the data, a large number of the shopping is from the iPhone and an even larger percentage from the iPad. Web users have been avoiding the crowded and noisy retail experience for quite some time over the  [Read More…]

Throwboy halloween Ever the purveyors of fuzzy, geeky, and Apple-inspired throw pillows, the craftsmen over at Throwboy.com have just released some spooky new finder pillows. Handmade in the good ol’ USA, these fun stuffed finders are available now (and for a limited time) for $ 29 each, or $ 125 for the whole five piece set. If you want one of these guys before Halloween though, better act  [Read More…]