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The “iRing” Tim Cook mocked could be made a reality at Microsoft

Tim Cook may have laughed at Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White’s “iRing” prediction, but someone at Microsoft was clearly scratching their chin, intrigued at the idea. That’s based on a recently published patent application from Microsoft showing how the company…

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EU tax probe could fine Apple 10% of earnings since 2003

Preliminary findings by the European Commission have slammed Apple and Ireland for a so-called “sweetheart” tax deal which allowed Apple to avoid paying taxes by building up a massive offshore cash pile of $ 137.7bn in the country. The deal dates…

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Resolving an iTunes “iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted” Error Message When Updating iOS

Some iPhone and iPad users who went to update to the latest version of iOS using iTunes may have discovered an error message saying the following: “The iPhone Software Update Server Could Not Be Contacted. Make sure your network settings are correct and your network connection is active, or try again later.” While sometimes this … Read More

This is how much Bendgate could cost Apple

Chuck Jones has an interesting post up on the Forbes site, in which he theorizes about how much ‘bendgate’ could wind up costing Apple — with an (unlikely) maximum hit potentially being in the hundreds of millions. Jones weighs up…

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Special A8X processor could power Apple’s jumbo iPad

Apple’s new A8 processor in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is the fastest, most powerful processor born from the Mothership, but when it comes time to power Apple’s 12.9-inch iPad early next year, Apple reportedly plans to give it…

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Your iPhone 6 could commit suicide if you ignore it

The iPhone 6′s sleek design is undeniably sexy, but the big glass display and those sexy curved edges can cause problems if you leave your phone sitting on a smooth surface. If you’re not careful, you could find your iPhone…

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The next iPad mini could be delayed til 2015 to differentiate it from the iPhone 6 Plus

Despite KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s usually excellent track record on Apple predictions, he messed up his last prediction that the iPad Air 2 would make its appearance at Apple’s iPhone 6 launch event two weeks ago. Obviously, that didn’t…

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Lumsing’s harmonica-shaped power bank is everything you could want in an external battery

Battery packs are a necessary evil in our modern lives. Devices that can’t get through a day without a charge surround us, but the thin-and-light profiles we take for granted can’t accommodate swappable batteries. Add battery-intensive tasks like gaming or…

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Using your Apple Watch while driving could land you a ticket

Motoring experts in the UK have warned that individuals using their Apple Watch while driving will face the same penalties as those caught using a mobile phone. The words of caution come from road safety charity the Institute of Advanced…

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The gold Apple Watch Edition could set you back a whopping $4,999

The Apple Watch Sport may start at a mere $ 349, but its price point could well soar from there! According to Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber, Apple’s 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition could sell for as much as $ 4,999. “Most people…

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