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Future spacecraft could repair its own skin

To see a satellite image of the field of space debris that floats around the earth is like looking at fleas swarming an unfortunate dog. About a half-million pieces of debris are the size of a marble, but even tiny pieces that travel more than 17,000 miles per hour could be deadly to a spacecraft […]

Apple TV streaming service could cost more than $40

Apple’s big event on September 9th is expected to include the unveiling of a redesigned Apple TV, but if you were hoping to get a taste of the company’s long rumored over-the-top TV subscription service, you’ll have to wait a little while longer. Negotiations between Apple and content providers have stalled according to a new report […]

Future EarPods could benefit from bone-conduction noise cancellation

Apple’s EarPods could be about to get much smarter, thanks to a newly-published patent application which describes how a wireless headset could use sensors to determine which sound data to pass along to a listener. Check out the details below. The technology would be used predominantly for microphone-enabled headsets, allowing users to make calls in […]

Future iPhones could have 7-day fuel cells

Apple may be interested in putting hydrogen-powered batteries in future iPhones, extending battery life to up to 7 days per charge. Best of all? You’d charge your iPhone through the headphone jack. Hydrogen-powered batteries have a big advantage over lithium-ion batteries: battery life. By mixing hydrogen and oxygen, hydrogen-powered batteries create electricity, but with a […]

iOS 8.4.1 jailbreak could be incoming

The game of jailbreak cat-and-mouse has never been quicker. Thanks to Chinese jailbreaking teams like Pangu, the slow, careful back and forth between jailbreak teams cracking open iOS, and Apple patching it, has hit breakneck speeds. Case in point? A week after Apple released iOS 8.4.1, closing a security hole that allowed iOS 8.4 to […]

Apple could choose Intel over Qualcomm for future iPhone modems

Qualcomm will be providing 100 percent of the modem chips for Apple’s iPhone 6s, but Apple may ditch it in favor of Intel for future handsets, claims a new report. Qualcomm is said to have teamed-up with TSMC to build the modem chips for the iPhone 6s, using TSMC’s 20nm process. For later iPhones, however, Apple is […]

All-week Apple Watch battery life could be possible due to MIT breakthrough

Despite many theoretical improvement, lithium ion batteries remain a very slowly progressing technology. Moore’s Law keeps on helping our gadgets better at conserving batteries, but the batteries themselves aren’t keeping pace with Moore’s Law when it comes to increasing capacity. But a new innovation by a team of forgetful researchers might change all that: they’ve […]

Newly discovered OS X bugs could get your Mac hijacked

Apple released a patch for OS X vulnerabilities last week, but a security researcher has already discovered two new exploits that could allow an attacker to remotely gain access to your Mac. Italian developer Luca Todesco uncovered the two new zero-day vulnerabilities that are susceptible to a combination of attacks that corrupt memory found in […]

Apple is so rich, it could buy all the gold in Fort Knox

We all know Apple has more money than a dozen Scrooge McDucks. But exactly how do the massive Apple cash reserves translate into real-world terms? To help put this astonishing pile of cash into perspective, we crafted this handy video guide. Want more Cult of Mac videos? Go to Cult of Mac TV on YouTube for all […]

iPad Air 3 could be a no-show at Apple event

Apple is expected to unveil its new lineup of iPads at a keynote event in early September, but according to a recent rumor mill, the iPad Air 3 might not make an appearance on stage. Chinese-based tablet supply chain makers have supposedly received decreasing orders because Apple plans to be more conservative with its tablet product […]