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Apple could launch a Smart TV | Rumors

According to new rumors, reported by AppleInsider , Apple TV could launch a “smart” by the end of the year. According to analysts, this is a new device and not a second generation of the Apple TV. According to analyst Bryan White there would be new and interesting news for fans of the bitten apple. Apparently, in fact, Apple would be ready to submit your TV, a new device with new features and smart features that went well beyond the current features offered by Apple  [Read More…]

Apple Could Still Launch iPhone 5 In June Or July

iPhone 5

It is widely speculated that�Apple will delay the launch of iPhone 5 to fall this year.

However, analyst Brian White of Ticonderoga Securities believes that Apple could still launch�iPhone 5 in June or July based on the �pattern of activity in motion with the supply chain�.



White writes in a note to investors:

Apple is keeping its iPhone 5 cards extra close to the vest on  [Read More…]

Apple’s A5 processor could pave way for larger chip trend

Despite the similar features, the processor used on Apple’s iPad 2 A5 and presumably also will be mounted on the upcoming iPhone, is larger than its alter ego Nvidia Tegra 2, and even more powerful. According to analysts, the trend for the coming years will be to achieve chip bigger and faster

A5 The chip has a size of 122 mm square, 49mm square against the Tegra 2. This difference raises a lot of curiosity  [Read More…]

Cloud Files Found in OS X Lion, Could Be The Evolution of iDisk

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9to5 Mac has just stated that they’ve found some interesting new icons in Mac OS X Lion that may reveal a part of Apple’s new plan for MobileMe, which is currently MIA.

There seems to be a folder and sidebar icon which looks specifically designed for cloud documents. This would obviously be a place for a user to store whatever documents they choose and store them on  [Read More…]