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Tim Cook joins council of elite CEOs fighting climate change

Apple CEO Tim Cook joined the CEO Council for Sustainable Urbanization this week as part of Apple’s continued fight against global warning and environmental issues. The council is basically like an Avengers-style group (or Justice League if DC is your preferred flavor) consisting of CEOs and chairmen from the top companies in China and the […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Austin City Council Throws Apple $8.6 Million For New Campus

Apple’s existing campus in Austin, Texas.

City officials in Austin, Texas, have agreed to pay Apple $ 8.6 million in incentives over the next ten years after the Cupertino company revealed its plans to invest $ 304 million in a new campus. Additionally, it will also receive $ 21 million from the Texas Enterprise Fund, and possibly a further $ 6 million fromTravis County Commissioners.   KXAN reports that the  [Read More…]

Cupertino Mayor, City Council Stand Behind Apple’s Proposed ‘Spaceship’ Campus

On Tuesday,MMi covered the rare appearance made by Apple chief Steve Jobs before the City Council of Cupertino, California – the location where Apple already headquarters its massive tech outfit. Jobs turned up to pitch a new Apple campus, which – beyond its spaceship-like design – will relocate 12,000 of the company’s employees and unite much of the entire West Coast Apple family beneath one centralized – but circular – roof. Although Steve Jobs only  [Read More…]